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League of Legends World Championship Quarterfinals Over; Semifinals Matchups Clear
The Group Stage of the League of Legends World Championship didn’t go as expected. Cloud9 finished second in Group A, Immortals failed to make it into the [...]
Worlds Groups Day 3 Is Over
The Group Stage of the League of Legends World Championship is starting to pick up speed and the standings are gaining shape. Today’s matches, while [...]
Does Team SoloMid Have a Chance in This Year’s World Championship?
Team SoloMid. The team many of the League of Legends esports fans hate with a passion of a thousand suns and just as many love equally strongly. The best [...]
The NA Gauntlet to Qualify for Worlds Starts Today
Even though Team SoloMid and Immortals have already qualified for the League of Legends World Championship, but three teams are going to go to represent NA [...]
MrRallez Joins TSM as Sub
Rasmus “MrRalleZ” Skinneholm is now a sub AD Carry for Team SoloMid. Before the start of the 2017 NA LCS Summer Split, Team SoloMid made it clear that they [...]
Team SoloMid Hunting for Academy Roster
In line with Riot Games’ expectations for teams granted permanent partnership, Team SoloMid is getting all of its ducks in a row by opening applications [...]
Red Bull Drop Sponsorships of TSM and C9, According To ESPN
Team SoloMid and Cloud9 are losing one of their more impressive sponsors, Red Bull, due to the conflict-of-interest rules set down by Riot Games. According [...]
National or International Teams?
While we like to think of eSports as a single entity, it’s not really the case. What is accepted as obvious in one eSports title, might be thought of as a [...]
TSM Signs sgares and ShahZaM for CS:GO Roster
Where Team SoloMid is the top dog in the NA League of Legends Championship Series, the org can’t boast the same in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At [...]