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North and Splyce Join WESA
The World Esports Association, or WESA, is in the news once again today after North and Splyce joined its ranks, according to an official announcement. [...]
Splyce Enters Strategic Partnership With Company Owned by The Owner of Boston Bruins
And there’s another one, ladies and gentlemen. One more entity, connected with traditionals sports has dipped its fingers into eSports. This time, Delaware [...]
CS:GO Splyce Sign ryx and Drone
The League of Legends offseason has brought us countless roster changes over the past couple of weeks. Lost in the whirlwind of LoL players switching [...]
Splyce CS:GO Lets Go of Two Players
Looking at our coverage of roster changes, one might think that they happen only on the big teams, however, that is not true. Smaller organisations go [...]