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SELFIE Joins Phoenix1
Despite a respectable and surprising performance against Europe at Rift Rivals, Phoenix1 is still in the dumps, currently sitting in the last place of 2017 [...]
Meteos Traded to Phoenix1; to Sub In Against Cloud9
William “Meteos” Hartman’s days of playing the Jungle position for Cloud9 seem to be over irrevocably. While he has been relegated to sub status in favor [...]
REPORT: Arrow and Ryu About to Join Phoenix1, According to Jacob Wolf?
The forerunner in the reporting of League of Legends roster move extravaganza, ESPN’s Jacob Wolf has recently published an article claiming that Phoenix1, [...]
Echo Fox Accused of Trying To Poach Adrian From Phoenix1
In love and war, everything goes. While eSports share some similarities to war, being a competitive event with winners and losers, where destroying your [...]
Phoenix 1 Sign Former Immortals Support Adrian
Soon after the news that a chunk of the Phoenix1 roster is now looking for new opportunities in the scene as free agents, ESPN’s Tyler Erzberger broke the [...]