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Last Week in Esports: There Were How Many Overtimes?!
Over the last week, Feb. 19 – 25, a lot of stuff all over the world of esports happened. League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch League, matches [...]
Kevin Chou, Owner of Overwatch League Seoul Spot, Interested in League of Legends Teams
Kevin Chou, a Silicon Valley exec, known from Kabam, a mobile game development company, and an owner of the Seoul franchise spot in the Overwatch League, [...]
MLG Will Handle Overwatch League Organizing
Major League Gaming will be the organizer of the upcoming Overwatch League. It doesn’t mean that Blizzard is outsourcing the management of their flagship [...]
South Korean Overwatch Match Fixing Scandal
Where there’s competition and enough of a public interest to make thousands of people watch something, there’s money involved. It’s a fact of life both in [...]
Upheaval on Lunatic-Hai
One of the best Overwatch teams in the world, South Korean Lunatic-Hai, currently ranked 2nd in the world, has been having some upheaval this week. With [...]
Overwatch APEX Season 3 Will Start In a Week
It’s only been a bit over two weeks since the second season of OGN’s Overwatch APEX ended with Lunatic-Hai victorious over RunAway, yet the third season is [...]
Overwatch APEX Season – The Ascent of the Koreans Has Begun
In the budding Overwatch competitive scene, the OGN’s Overwatch APEX League where some of the best Western teams competed against a big number of Koreans, [...]
Overwatch League City Team Vision According to Slide by Nate Nanzer
Appearing at the Sport Business Summit in New York, Overwatch League’s Commissioner Nate Nanzer revealed the vision Blizzard Entertainment has about the [...]
Skill Rating Decay in Overwatch
Sometimes, gamers tend to confuse Competitive and Casual sides of their favorite games. They think that Ranked is for having fun, they take normal games [...]
Is Korea Rising in Overwatch? Only EnVyUs Moves On in Overwatch APEX S2 From The West
In League of Legends, South Korea is crushingly dominating. In Overwatch, their teams seemingly hadn’t reached that level of strength when Team EnVyUs [...]