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The 2018 NA LCS Teams, Ranked
In the Western Hemisphere of League of Legends, North American League of Legends Championship Series is where the money is. With franchising and big money [...]
OpTic Gaming Fixes Roster; Loses Spot at DH Malmö to C9
OpTic Gaming Fixes Roster; Loses Spot at DH Malmö to C9   OpTic Gaming has found itself in a bad spot following the roster move where their IGL Peter [...]
jasonR Standing in for OpTic as Fifth Member and IGL
For a flash, OpTic Gaming was poised to emerge as one of the best CS:GO teams in North America, next to teams like SK Gaming, Cloud9, and Team Liquid. [...]
OpTic Gaming Manage to Hold On to RUSH and mixwell
When Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz was still on the roster, OpTic Gaming had a couple of great finishes in ELEAGUE Season 2, Northern Arena 2016 Montreal, [...]
OpTic stanislaw and Liquid Hiko swap teams
UPDATE: This is official. Hiko left Team Liquid for OpTic Gaming. The CS:GO post-Major roster move rumours are getting started. The most recent one states [...]
OpTic Gaming Win ELEAGUE Season 2. Wait, What?
Just like traditional sports, eSports are awesome because sometimes amazing things happen. Actually, in eSports, amazing upsets are even more likely than [...]