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ESL Pro League Season 7 Week 4 Preview
In its seventh season already, ESL Pro League has been one of the most prestigious Counter-Strike: Global Offensive leagues in the world, only challenged [...]
Natus Vincere Team Profile
This article is part of a series aimed at introducing the teams that are going to play at the ELEAGUE Major Boston. To see profiles of other teams, click [...]
Zeus and seized Are Back on Natus Vincere
After it was announced that Denis “seized” Kostin and Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács left Na’Vi after PGL Major Krakow, it seemed like the legendary Natus [...]
Natus Vincere Releases seized and GuardiaN
After almost a year of struggling following the introduction of Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, Natus Vincere has finally made a change in their roster, [...]
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PGL Major Kraków–Everything You Need To Know
The second CS: GO Valve-sponsored Major, PGL Major Kraków, is set to start on Sunday. The even will take place at the TAURON Arena Kraków. The Group Stage [...]
starix Leaves Na’Vi, Former Analyst ANDI to Coach
An era is over. After seven years with the team, both playing and coaching, the coach of Natus Vincere, Sergey “starix” Ischuk is stepping down. He is [...]
Fnatic and Natus Vincere Choke at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017
DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 started with a couple of surprising results, when favorites Fnatic and Natus Vincere lost matches against weaker teams to [...]
ELEAGUE Major 2017 – Quarterfinals Preview
The ELEAGUE Major 2017, an event run by Turner in the ELEAGUE studios and the G Fuel ELEAGUE Arena, has reached the stage of single elimination Playoffs. [...]
CLG Sign Former Na’Vi Hearthstone Roster – Ostkaka
Since 2014, Hearthstone has established itself as one of the most popular games in the world. The collectible card video game even became an eSports, with [...]
Natus Vincere G2A Dota 2 Roster Is Complete
On November 7th, the Dota 2 roster of Natus Vincere lost three of their five players due to unsolvable differences within the team. The only players left [...]