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There’s A New League Champion Coming, Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void
Vaynespotters beware, there might be a new trend starting soon with the release of League’s new champion, Kai’Sa. Why are we talking about Vaynespotting? [...]
Last Week in Esports: A Tournament With a Long Name and the LCS
The week of Feb. 12 – 18 was a bit less hectic than usual because of the lull in the Overwatch League, caused by the end of the first stage of its [...]
Riot Games Want Pro Matches to Be More Exciting
Most fans and analysts agree that games last way too long in the current League of Legends metagame. Due to various factors like practically everyone [...]
7.12 Patch Overview
The League of Legends patch cycle is relentless. Often with a couple of patches coming out each month, the game is in a constant state of flux, causing [...]
Azir Rework Might Turn Out to Be Big
For a long time now, Riot Games have been telling us that Azir needs to be changed from the ground up, yet the coming rework for the champion was lacking [...]
Kindred Rework – More Information
When Kindred was released, it was a very strong jungler. Building attack speed and taking advantage of its infinite scaling, people considered it to be one [...]
League of Legends Mid-Season Update: ADC + Lifesteal Items
For a while now, AD Carries which built Critical Strike as part of their strongest build path have been quite weak. That’s what happens when you need [...]
League of Legends Mid-Season Update: Tanks
With the Mid-Season Update, the face of League of Legends is quite likely to change. Out of the huge number of changes going live with the patch 7.9, we [...]
The State of Xayah and Rakan
For the first time since the early times of League of Legends, Riot Games have released two champions at once, a couple named Xayah and Rakan, which excels [...]
Galio, Urgot, Evelynn in Line for Rework
With a roster of 134 champions at the time of writing, released over a timeframe approaching a decade, it’s understandable that some League of Legends [...]