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League of Legends World Championship Quarterfinals Over; Semifinals Matchups Clear
The Group Stage of the League of Legends World Championship didn’t go as expected. Cloud9 finished second in Group A, Immortals failed to make it into the [...]
Worlds Groups Day 2 Is Over
After a massive fight between the West and South Korea in Day One of the League of Legends World Championship, where G2 Esports lost to Samsung Galaxy, [...]
Immortals Experience Their First Major Scandal
Since its creation, the North American Immortals have been successful in build a fan following, achieving competitive success, and avoiding major scandals. [...]
Immortals CS:GO Will Have to Use Coach as Stand In Because of a Visa Issue
The Immortals CS:GO roster was struck by the old foe of all pros everywhere, visa issues. They will have to use their coach as a stand-in, while the [...]
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PGL Major Kraków–Everything You Need To Know
The second CS: GO Valve-sponsored Major, PGL Major Kraków, is set to start on Sunday. The even will take place at the TAURON Arena Kraków. The Group Stage [...]
Xmithie-Dardoch Trade Officially Went Through
We’ve previously informed you about reports which implied that there might be a trade between CLG and Immortals. It’s now official that Joshua “Dardoch” [...]
Felps to SK Gaming, fnx to Immortals
When Lincoln “fnx” Lau was removed from SK Gaming, he was replaced by Portuguese Ricardo “fox” Pacheco for the ELEAGUE Major 2017 and several tournaments [...]
Fnx Might Be Going To Immortals
Brazil has two very good Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams and five players who have more titles than many world-class pros across the whole world. [...]
The Last Immortal is Korean Support Olleh
Following the conclusion of the 2016 League of Legends competitive season, Immortals allowed every player on the roster to seek better opportunities [...]
Dardoch Signs Three Year Deal With IMT, Flame and Massacre Rumored To Sign Soon Too
Slowly but surely, the new Immortals LCS roster is taking shape. Eugene “Pobelter” Park has been signed for two years. Now, the organization announced that [...]