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Project Cars 2
No need to hide from the cops and partake in illegal races anymore! With Project Cars 2 you can take to the action in official racing tracks with some of [...]
Need for Speed
Is racing in your blood? Do you get excited by the smell of burning tires? Only choose a car by how high can it rev? There is a game out there that is just [...]
LEGO: The Hobbit
Traveller’s Tales is a game development company that is solely responsible for creating dozens upon dozens of legendary adventures. One of their main [...]
Hearts of Iron IV
Dive into the action in the most infamous conflict of all time. Even though there is no way to showcase the cruelty that took place during the World War 2 [...]
Most people in the gaming community probably already know of Overwatch. If you don’t, where have you been? After all, it has been a groundbreaking game, [...]