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Introducing: The Structure of ELEAGUE Major Boston
Turner’s ELEAGUE is once again getting the honor of hosting the first CS:GO Valve Major of the year. This time, they’re going to do things a little bit [...]
CS:GO Offseason: mouz replace chrisJ, NiKo IGL No More
The ELEAGUE Major 2017 is over and the scene is entering a short offseason where teams will start reorganizing to hopefully do better in the next one or [...]
ELEAGUE Major 2017 – Quarterfinals Preview
The ELEAGUE Major 2017, an event run by Turner in the ELEAGUE studios and the G Fuel ELEAGUE Arena, has reached the stage of single elimination Playoffs. [...]
ELEAGUE Major 2017 – After the Group Stage
After a gruelling set of nine matches, we now have the pairing for the Playoffs of the ELEAGUE Major 2017, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. Some matches [...]
ELEAGUE Major 2017 – After Round 3
Eight matches have been played in the ELEAGUE Major 2017 Round 3, two teams are out of the tournament. Which ones? How did the favorites do? Read on to [...]
ELEAGUE Major 2017 – After Round 2
The ELEAGUE Major 2017, one of the most exciting CS:GO events in recent times, is getting into the swing of it, with the second day of play having been [...]
Little Liquid That Could… Or Not? TL vs. nV at ELEAGUE Major
Once in awhile, when two teams of about equal skill meet in a tournament, no matter if it’s in the Playoffs or Group Stage, something special happens, a [...]
ELEAGUE Major 2017 – After Round 1
In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are no greater tournaments than the Majors. In fact, the competitive season revolves around them. Teams work for [...]
The Favorites of the ELEAGUE Major
The 22nd of January will be an exciting day for fans of Competitive CS:GO because the next Valve-sponsored Major, this time organized by ELEAGUE, will [...]
ELEAGUE Major Offline Qualifier Results
In an extremely exciting turn of events, the next CS:GO Valve-sponsored Major Tournament will be held by ELEAGUE and televised on American TV. Joining [...]