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League of Legends Mid-Season Update: ADC + Lifesteal Items
For a while now, AD Carries which built Critical Strike as part of their strongest build path have been quite weak. That’s what happens when you need [...]
Lucian Is Good Once Again – Play It While You Can
No AD Carry has caused more problems for Riot Games’ champion balance team than Lucian. Once it was figured out by the Koreans and entered the [...]
The Current State of AD Carries
In recent weeks, the League of Legends community has started grumbling about the current state of AD Carries. While the problem existed for a while, it has [...]
LoL Guides: AD Carry Itemization
The AD Carry role has been one of the most important roles in League of Legends, at least when it came to late game teamfights. The AD Carry’s job is to [...]
The Best in the Preseason: AD Carry
When the preseason comes around, Riot Games make a lot of changes to League of Legends and players are left scrambling to figure it all out before the next [...]