YellOwStaR to Head Paris Saint-Germain LoL Department

October 21, 2016 - News

One of the best things about covering eSports news is when you cover a couple of issues, giving thoughts on both, and then, a new piece of of the puzzle falls into place, completing the whole picture. That’s what happened today. We’ve covered the news about the French Football Club, Paris Saint-Germain, buying the Challenger Series spot, previously occupied by Team HUMA. We’ve also covered the news about Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim’s retirement as a professional League of Legends player. In the latter article, we’ve discussed what might be in the cards for the LoL Superstar’s future. As it turns out, we were way off. It’s awesome.

While we expected YellOwStaR to stream or maybe try his hand at casting, he went in a completely different direction. First, some background. Looking at him, you wouldn’t think so, but Bora Kim is actually French. Considering that his resume as a player is one of the most impressive in the West, it’s not a farshot to expect that when a French football club acquires an eSport team, YellOwStaR would be the guy who’s asked to actually run it.

Most people running eSports departments in traditional sports clubs have nowhere near the same kind of clout Mr. Kim can throw around. With his main responsibility being the establishment of Paris Saint-Germain League of Legends team and ensuring that it gets into LCS Europe, he’s more than qualified to fulfill his objectives. After all, when the oldschool roster of Fnatic left to start Origen, leaving Bora Kim as the only player on the team, he helped put together one of the strongest iteration of Fnatic to ever enter the Summoner’s Rift.

Also, you have to consider that the newly minted Paris Saint-Germain team will start in the Challenger Series. Assuming that the club doesn’t go for massive overkill and hire a bunch of superstars, only to have them waste their talent in Challenger Series, YellOwStaR will probably be looked upon as a God-like figure, representing everything his players and coaches want to achieve.

Coaches, you ask? Yes, you got that right, Mr. Kim won’t be coaching PSG. He won’t be playing for the team either. Instead, he will be responsible for scouting new players for the currently empty PSG roster. Once the roster and staff is set up, he will live with the team in Berlin, overseeing the whole operation, lending his substantial experience when needed. Why will the team live in Berlin when it’s called Paris Saint-Germain? To allow the squad scrim against LCS teams, of course.

In remains to be seen how Bora Kim is going to do at his new job, however, with the future squad starting in the Challenger Series, he has a bit of time to learn and work out the kinks in the system. While he does not really have any professional experience in management, the eSports know-how he brings to the table should be more than enough to justify the decision to hire him. All in all, it looks like a great move towards having a legit LoL team from PSG.