WoW Legion 7.2 Patch Is Coming Soon(tm)

March 17, 2017 - News
WoW Legion 7.2 Patch Is Coming Soon(tm)

We aren’t writing about World of Warcraft much, however, for those who at least play the game casually, it’s worth to inform you that you might want to start preparing for the release of Patch 7.2, the precursor to the Tier 20 Raid Instance, Tomb of Sargeras. We won’t go into much detail in this short article, however, it should be enough to give you a clue of what you should know to prepare.

Artifact Traits

The most important thing you should know is that Artifact Traits are going to be reset in 7.2. Well, sort of. If you have more than 35 Traits, they will be removed after a questline and the AP you spent in them will be refunded. Don’t worry, you won’t be any weaker if you had farmed AP to get to 54 Traits, you will actually get the Armor/Damage/Healing boost you had at 54 Traits, no matter how many you actually had. Then, 4 new Traits will be unlocked. Additionally, every 3 point Trait will be levelable up to 4 in 7.2. The Paragon Traits will come back as well, albeit changed quite a lot. While they were capped at 20 and gave % boost before, they will be impossible to completely max out now, however, instead of a flat % increase, you will get a proc which will massively increase your main stat, making it less mandatory for high-end raiding.

Artifact Power and Knowledge

After completing the initial questline, you will have the AP you spent into your Artifact Weapon above 35 Traits refunded. If you had 54 Traits, you should be able to afford to level 4 of the new Traits with the AP you got back, as the costs for new Traits grow exponentially. Before you panic, don’t worry. The Artifact Knowledge cap will also be increased to 40 and the boost to the AP gained will be exponential as well. If you are considering saving up AP to dump it into new Traits in 7.2, don’t. 7.1.5 Artifact Power won’t be usable once 7.2 hits.

Broken Shore and Legendaries

Remember that damn island where we got our ass kicked in the beginning of Legion? Yeah, we’re going back there. The zone will function similarly to Tanaan’s Jungle in WoD. You will have new quests, a new Dungeon, a new currency, which will allow you to buy gear Tokens, which, when opened, will give you an item of the corresponding slot. That item can actually be Legendary, so if you really want those Restoration Druid Bracers, farm, farm, farm, buy Bracers Tokens, hope to get the Legendary you want. Blizzard Entertainment has taken notice that the community considers a great number of Legendaries trash, making players disappointed instead of excited when they get them. To fix that, the devs are nerfing the totally OP ones, while also buffing the underwhelming ones. They probably won’t be all equal still, but any kind of positive progress is good. At this point, we’ll take what we can get. Finally, if you have Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One completed, you will be able to complete Part Two as well, unlocking flying in Legion zones. Get rid of your herbs now, because prices will drop when farmers get flying due to increased supply.

Possible Release Date

While Blizzard hasn’t announced the launch date for 7.2 yet, it’s on the background downloader already, meaning that it’s coming soon. It’s unlikely that it will come in the next reset on March 21 in US and March 22 in EU. the community mostly agrees that the most likely launch date is the week after, March 28 in US and 29 in EU. To those who aren’t close to being done with what they want to achieve in Nighthold, don’t worry, because Tomb of Sargeras, the upcoming Raid, won’t be released at the same time as 7.2. It’s speculated that we might have a couple of months or even more to go before ToS actually hits the live servers.