WoW Guild Method to compete in Overwatch, signs 1SHOT Roster

August 4, 2016 - Esports, News

With a rich and long history in World of Warcraft as a foremost raiding guild in the world over several expansions and content patches, Method is no stranger to competition in games made by Blizzard Entertainment. Despite that, Overwatch is a PVP game with considerably smaller group sizes than the usual raiding setups, so it’s a mystery whether Method’s experience in organizing 20 people to work towards killing a Boss will translate into managing 6 players who will have to play, and hopefully win, against other people.

In their official statement on, the team said that they were thinking about making an Overwatch team as soon as the game was announced at Blizzcon, in November of 2014. This should reassure any Method fans who feel doubtful about this step and the way it might affect the organization in the future. It’s good to know that Method isn’t doing this half-cocked to follow the hype. Success is more likely when you carefully think about what you’re doing, after all.

Speaking about the team Method signed, it was formerly called 1SHOT. It was formed in late 2015 to participate in the first GosuGamers NA Tournament, where it took third place. Most recently, they did well in ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown NA Qualifiers and Regional Qualifiers for ELEAGUE Overwatch Open. At the moment, the new team, called, is ranked 19th worldwide and 9th in North America. While it won’t start bringing home titles immediately, it has potential nevertheless. I’m convinced that it’s a decent shot at entering the Overwatch scene on a high note.

The lineup itself has Jacob “PsychoWaffle” Oyer and Randal “Roolf” Stark as Support, Nicholas “exi” Dudek and Brandon “ultimawep” Wilson as DPS, while Eric “Krawnnic” Beaugh plays Tank. To round out the roster, the team has Gabriel “Snow” Ceregatto on trial for the last spot on the team, however the player hasn’t been signed yet, according to

While we probably won’t see’s name on any big trophies any time soon, the team has a lot of potential. If they work hard and learn dedication and discipline from their raiding colleagues, they could actually get some decent results in Overwatch. I certainly hope they do, for I was a Method fanboy once upon a time. Sco is awesome, Kungen is a poser, Paragon sucks, you guys. Shadow Priest for the win. Drake out.