Weldon Green To Join TSM Coaching Staff

June 1, 2016 - News

While Team SoloMid had a hard Spring Split on the NA LCS, the short flashes of greatness, which showed us the hidden potential of the team, happened following the periods of time after Weldon Green, a traditional sports coach, performance psychologist, and, now, eSports psychologist, worked with the team.

With that said, the recent announcement on about a staff update, where Weldon Green will join the TSM staff for a trial period of 5 months. Seeing as Mr. Green has a family, TSM is moving his loved ones to an area close to the team’s gaming house for the period.

According to team owner Andy Dinh, Weldon helped the team to achieve good results after his brief stints with the team, earning the respect of both the players and staff alike. Furthermore, Andy points out that the players were willing to listen to Weldon’s advice and criticism. The psychologist also proved to be able to help the team find a way to win games, while also motivating them and helping to live a healthy lifestyle.

Hearing this news, we are even more optimistic about TSM prospects in the Summer Split. As with all superteams, you can get the best players, however, it doesn’t mean that they will actually play together well.  The problems with coordination and cohesive team direction were very apparent during TSM’s Spring Split, lessening after Mr. Green worked with the team for a bit and coming back later. With this psychologist and coach on permanent staff, I am hopeful that the improvements will finally stick.