We Will be Able to Mute Pings in 7.10

May 4, 2017 - News
We Will be Able to Mute Pings in 7.10

Aside from being a scrub, tilting is one of the biggest reason for losing in League of Legends. Often, people tilt after failing and then getting incessantly called out on it in an abusive manner while trying to play. A minority of people in this situation has the presence of mind to mute everyone and keep playing without, hopefully, tilting, however, there’s one more way for your teammates to piss you off: pings.

When your teammates start arguing and calling each other names and focusing more on the chat instead of what’s happening in game, the game is almost lost. At that point, even the players who had nothing to do with the conflict initially get dragged into it. It’s always been said that you should just /mute all at the slightest sign of trouble in videos on how to climb the ranked ladder quickly. It’s good advice, however, previously, Riot Games have always refused to add the functionality to the game which would allow you to mute not only the chat, but pings as well.

If you haven’t had it happen to you, you might ask why you would ever mute pings. A couple of games where the whole team spams question marks on your corpse, a popular way to say “wtf, dude, you are a very bad player and you should immediately uninstall the game” without writing all the words, would show you how annoying it can be. Some people actually find it more tilting than suggestions to get cancer in chat. It seems like Riot is finally caving on their stances concerning ping muting. If nothing changes, we will be able to mute them in 7.10 by typing /mute full.

Of course, if you’ve already muted the chat, pings are the only way for you to sort of communicate with your team. Of course, some people might not have heard of that in the first place, if the times we’ve been told to shut up and stop spamming when discussing Bot Lane strategy with the Support player we are playing with for the first time in our life are anything to go by. The truth is that at the point where you have muted the chat, the game is too far gone for any type of meaningful communication no matter how its done. The best chance you have in order to win is just getting rid of all distractions and focusing on what you need to do to get out of the shitty situation.