Menu Disqualified From The Summit 5

June 1, 2016 - News

The owner of, Anton Cherepennikov, admitted to breaking tournament rules in the Grand Final of the European Qualifier for The Summit 5, where his team defeated Ad Finem to qualify for the main event.

While Mr. Cherepennikov did not specify the specific rules his team admits to breaking, it is suspected that a player known as ALOHADANCE gave his account to another player, No[o]ne, after disconnecting around the 24th minute of Game 3 of the series and not managing to connect for the ten minute timeout allowed by tournament rules, to avoid forfeiting the high-stakes series.

These allegations were made by a Reddit user named DDropped, suggesting that No[o]ne was actually the one to play the last two rounds of the tournament, based on his supposed statement on his live Twitch stream at the time, saying that he was asked to play for The VOD has been removed since then, so we cannot check if this was indeed the case. Either way, a Beyond The Summit official responded to the allegations made on Reddit by promising to investigate the matter.

Keeping Anton Cherepennikov’s announcement in mind, it is quite likely that this was indeed the case, especially when supported by the fact that ALOHADANCE’s item placement seemed to be different. Players usually have their specific preferences and stick to them whenever possible to allow muscle memory to take over with less mistakes.

If the allegations brought forward are true, SHOULD be disqualified. While I can understand the reason why the team used such trickery, it has to be noted that a lot was on the line for I doubt that they asked No[o]ne to play hoping to get a competitive advantage, it is a lot more likely that ALOHADANCE’s Internet went down, he could not connect in time for the rest of the match, so tried to make the best of a very bad situation. With that in mind, competitive integrity is a very important issue in eSports, so they should not be allowed to get away with it. While logistically difficult, it would be best to have matches of such importance in a LAN environment, where Network problems would affect all competitors the same.