Upcoming This Week: CS:GO

May 31, 2016 - Esports, News

With the CS:GO eLeague well underway, the Summer Splits starting all over the world for League of Legends, and the hype about competitive possibilities of Overwatch resulting in first tournaments to see if the game is viable as an eSport, this week looks to be quite exciting. In fact, if you were to watch every match for every game played, it would almost be like a full-time job.  To save you the time, I will do it for you, writing about anything you might have missed. To cover everything properly, the article would have to be huge, so I will split it up by game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – eLeague Week Two

First up, I’d like to talk about CS:GO. The recently established eLeague will start up with it’s second week of games on Tuesday, May 31st, @ 12:00 ET.The Group phase will have 4 teams competing in BO2 matches againsteach other over two days of competition. The BO3 semifinals will start on Thursday, June 2nd, @ 14:00 ET, with the finals taking place on Friday, at 22:00 ET.

The teams appearing this week will be Ninjas in Pyjamas, OpTic, G2 Esports, and Selfless. Going by brands alone, NiP are favorites to come out on top after the five days of competition, with G2 likely to take 2nd, with the third place up for grabs by either Selfless or OpTic, with a slight edge towards OpTic. At least that would be the conventional wisdom keeping in mind the history and fame of the franchises. Of course, it’s CS:GO, anything could happen. For all I know, OpTic or Selfless will school everyone like little children, and I will be left sucking my thumb like a baby. Might even upload the video if it happens!

Whatever the case may be, the first match will be between OpTic and NiP. Predictions are fickle; however, I would be very surprised if OpTic managed to take a game off of NiP, without even considering the possibility of them getting a 2-0.

Next up is G2 Esports vs. Selfless. While neither team belongs to what you would call the upper-tier global elite of the CS:GO competitive scene, G2 has a better-proven track record of competing against the best teams in the world, even taking two games against Luminosity in the ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals. For comparison, Selfless can boast a 5-6th place finish in DreamHack Austin, where they were swept by Liquid, which placed 5-6th in ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals, lower than G2. While evaluating teams like this is not advisable, the fact of the matter is that G2 should win. At least on paper.

The last couple of matches of the day will have NiP facing off against G2. This matchup should be closer than anything else we can look forwards to on Tuesday; however, it’s also a headache, being quite a bit harder to predict. While NiP is higher in the rankings than G2, the last time these teams faced off, G2 delivered the Ninjas a swift kick in the nether regions and 2-0’ed them in ESL Pro League Season 3. Keeping that in mind, this should turn out to be the match to see on Tuesday. We will have to bitch out and predict a 1-1 on that one.

Wednesday will see OpTic trying to upset G2 Esports, Selfless as the David against NiP’s Goliath, and OpTic facing the other underdog team, Selfless. We do not expect any high-impact surprises, as the two behemoth franchises (G2 and NiP) will face off against less experienced opponents, with the final match featuring the battle between two theoretically weakest squads of the group.

It probably won’t come as a huge surprise that I predict G2 to come out as winners when they face off against OpTic, with the NiP vs. Selfless match turning out to be a blowout. Concerning the OpTic vs. Selfless match… I believe that OpTic should come out ahead vs. their opponents, though it could be quite difficult.

Seeing as the matchups for the semifinals and finals aren’t known yet, I will hold off until Thursday and Friday respectively. Moving on, we will introduce you to what’s happening on the League of Legends scene next.