TSM to Transfer Its Overwatch Roster to CompLexity Gaming

August 9, 2016 - Esports, News

TSM drops its Overwatch roster, trying to transfer it to compLexity Gaming.

In recent times, with prize pools rising and competition heating up with the heightened stakes, cheating has been becoming a more and more serious matter, even more than it has been in the past. Naturally, when a team owner cares about his brand and the brand is as big as Team SoloMid, it would be foolish in the extreme to have a squad that is associated to any kind of rumor to do with cheating. While it did come as a surprise, the recent announcement on the TSM website about the initiation of the organisation’s Overwatch roster, formerly known as Code 7, to compLexity Gaming, is understandable.

According to the announcement, Nicolas “NicolasTJO” Aubin and Jake “torkTJO” Lepoff let the owner of TSM, Andy “Reginald” Dinh know about their troubles with cheating in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive soon after the TSM management approached Code 7. TSM’s front office thought that the whole arrangement could still work. Unfortunately, it seems that the organisation “did not foresee the additional allegations regarding their competitive integrity in other games.”

I am a somewhat cynical person at heart. If the team didn’t qualify for ESL Atlantic Showdown, I would have been less surprised by this news. Now, however, I find myself… feeling respect. The behind the scenes stuff will probably never be known in full, however, I can’t stop myself from admiring this move from the TSM owner. Still, if you are to sign a team in the first place, even though you got informed about the trouble with cheating, flip flopping like this looks very weird.

On the matter, Andy Dinh had this to say, “As a brand, TSM has always been about hard work and performance. I did not want our legacy to be associated with allegations of dubious behavior and I will always hold my brand to the highest standard. I still believe that the guys can prove their skill and clear their names through time and hope that the Overwatch scene can give them another chance regardless of this decision.”

I respect Dinh as an owner but this looks like some kind of backtracking. It’s possible that TSM hoped that nobody would say anything about Nicolas TJO and torkTJO and when they did, Dinh reconsidered. At least to me, this smells of weakness. I might be wrong, but there are two ways to deal with this situation. Once the players informed Dinh of their cheating-related past, they should have immediately stopped negotiating if their convictions are really that important. If they decided to sign the team despite the problem, they should have stood by their players, seeking to prove without a shadow of a doubt that they aren’t cheating. Hand cam streams for every tournament the former roster of TSM played on, perhaps? There definitely were ways to do it.

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that TSM is going to look for another Overwatch roster to join its ranks, while Code 7 is probably going to represent compLexity in ESL Atlantic Showdown.