There’s A New League Champion Coming, Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void

February 21, 2018 - News
There’s A New League Champion Coming, Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void

Vaynespotters beware, there might be a new trend starting soon with the release of League’s new champion, Kai’Sa.

Why are we talking about Vaynespotting? Vayne is a flashy Marksman with a high mechanical cap that looks amazing when it works. After watching highlights on the Internet, where players much better than them navigate a fight and kill a whole team almost alone, people try to do the same and fail horribly.

Kai’Sa just might be the same type of champion. Why?



Caustic Wounds:

“Kai’Sa’s basic attacks mark enemies with Plasma, dealing increasing bonus magic damage. After a few successive attacks, the Plasma ruptures for a burst of damage based on the target’s missing health. Nearby allies’ immobilizing effects add stacks of Plasma.”

Living Weapon

“Kai’Sa’s symbiote-suit adapts to her chosen attack style, evolving her abilities based on permanent stats gained from shop items and experience level.”


Icathian Rain

“Kai’Sa releases a swarm of missiles evenly distributed among nearby enemies, with additional hits on the same target dealing slightly reduced damage.”

Living Weapon

“With enough bonus Attack Damage, Icathian Rain fires significantly more missiles.”


Void Seeker

“Kai’Sa fires off a beam of Void energy, revealing the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage, and applying stacks of Plasma.”

Living Weapon:

“With enough bonus Ability Power, Void Seeker deals more damage and partially refunds the cooldown on champion hit.”



“Kai’Sa charges up, briefly increasing her movement speed but losing the ability to attack. After charging up, Kai’Sa whips out the big guns to increase her attack speed for a few seconds. Basic attacks reduce Supercharger’s cooldown.”

Living Weapon:

“With enough bonus Attack Speed, Supercharger briefly grants true invisibility while charging up.”


Killer Instinct

“Kai’Sa dashes at extremely high speed with long range to a location near an enemy champion marked with Plasma and briefly gains a damage-absorbing shield.”

Let’s Discuss

Do you see now why we might be having horrible Vaynespotting flashbacks?

A dash with possible invisibility, a stackable passive that does bonus damage when popped… The biggest difference is that Kai’Sa’s kit encourages getting up in your opponent’s face even more than Vayne. In the hands of a Kai’Sa god, it could be a highlight factory. When played by your average player? Not so much.

The whole kit encourages an ADC assassin playstyle, where you land Void Seeker on an isolated target, move in with Killer Instinct and then navigate the fight Supercharger. Seems awesome but the problem is that most players will just get into the middle of the enemy team and die in two seconds flat unless extremely overfed.

If Kai’Sa turns out to have a strong lane phase, it will be much more likely to see success in low ELO than if its laning is similar to Vayne’s. For our sanity, we certainly hope it is the case.

Some people have considered that Kai’Sa might be a viable jungler. While it looks like it could clear camps more or less efficiently, the problem is that the champion has no CC and won’t be tanky.

If the lane you’re ganking has no crowd control, it will be hard to get the kill, unless the enemies are really overextended.

All in all, the champion could work very well in the right hands and looks fun as hell to play but the concerns discussed above stop us from jumping in on the Kai’Sa hype train with both feet. Let’s see how it goes when the champ is live.