Schalke 04 Will Host a Scouting Camp for League of Legends

October 13, 2016 - News

With the ranks of eSports organizations being joined by more mainstream entities, it was only the matter of time when methods and ways to do things, used in traditional sports for decades, would be applied to eSports as well. That is what the Schalke 04 Esport organization is doing right now.

The traditional way to get an eSports roster was to either buy out someone else’s roster and replace the players who need to be replaced via open tryouts, or sign a star and build the team around him. That’s not how things are done in traditional sports. There are… breeding youth teams where prospective youngsters train to achieve their dream of playing for that team, there’s a bunch of professional scouts, which have a single job – find the next Cristiano Ronaldo while nobody yet knows he exists. Teams also organize Scouting Camps, attended by a bunch of young athletes who want to be noticed. During several days, if not, weeks, the staff of the team evaluate each one, and maybe, if they’re lucky, find several, who are worthy.

In a press release, posted on October 12th, the German football club based in Gelsenkirchen announced their intention to hold a Scouting Camp, called Schalke 04 Scouting Days 2016. Master Division players and above have until 23:59, October 18th to sign up by e-mailing Your Summoner name will have to be provided in the e-mail to prove that you have, indeed, reached Master.

The League players selected will have their living and travel costs paid for by the club. Once the camp is complete, the best team possible will be made from everyone who participated. This team will have the honor of representing Schalke 04 as the club’s official pre-season roster in GEFORCE CUP in Warsaw, Poland. While that is nothing special as far as events go, this might be the first time that video game nerds get the chance to feel like prospective footballers in a Scouting Camp.

This is what Tim Reichert, Head of Esport at Schalke 04, had to say: “By complementing the Scouting Days, we maintain our solid foundation of youth development. Therefore, we use our experience and resources in the identical way to our traditional sports. Looking at the amount of important factors involved in successful, long-lasting teamwork; one of our top priorities has always been to not only reach out to professional players but also to the uncut diamonds in the scene.”

Who knows, the next Soren "Bjergsen" Bjerg might get discovered there. Hell, that might actually be you.