RUMOR: WildTurtle to Play For TSM @ IEM Oakland?

November 14, 2016 - News

Following the conclusion of League of Legends World Championship 2016, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, the starting AD Carry for the first seed from NA, Team SoloMid, announced his intention to sit out the League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split 2017, to take active steps in actually growing his personal brand through streaming and making YouTube content, while also taking several months to recuperate after six years of non-stop competitive play as one of the top AD Carry players in the region. Coming into Intel Extreme Masters Oakland, one of the rare international events, which take place together with the LCS and other similar leagues in Korea, China, and other regions, his team, TSM, was in a bad spot, because of having to try out new ADs, causing them to initially announce that they will not participate in the tournament.

It turns out, however, that Team SoloMid might actually come to Oakland with the help of their long-time ex AD Carry, Jason “WildTurtle” Tran. The former Immortals AD Carry is reportedly set to try out for several teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers-owned Team Dignitas after he plays the Intel Extreme Masters on TSM.

As far as options go, WildTurtle is probably the best TSM could hope for for the tournament. What is unlikely, however, is Turtle actually playing for TSM in the Spring Split. While he was a member of SoloMid for around two years, there were problems towards the end of the player’s stint on the team. He was even briefly benched in favor of Yuri “Keith” Jew, one of the best solo queue AD Carries in NA and the current AD Carry on Echo Fox, owned by former NBA player Rick Fox.

While WildTurtle did seemingly improve on Immortals, his troll-y and aggressive playstyle remained. He was still as likely to go in 1v3 as he always was. Against worse teams or when extremely ahead, like Immortals often were, WildTurtle’s antics were passed off as “plays”, however, when the opponents were stronger, the eccentric playstyle got punished. In some cases, it even got punished hard. Favoring a methodical approach to the game, Team SoloMid is seemingly no longer a good environment for Turtle. Don’t get us wrong, he should do well at IEM Oakland, however, seeing him don a TSM jersey after that isn’t likely. Now, Team Dignitas sounds like a much better fit. If that team had WT on their roster, they could try and assemble a team which would make allowances for Turtle’s playstyle. Of course, this whole thing, especially the Team Dignitas tryout for Turtle, is a rumor at this point. It might turn out to false. We will keep you updated.