RUMOR: Slemmy about to be removed from Cloud9 starting roster?

July 29, 2016 - News

Soon after Alec “Slemmy” White joined the Cloud9 roster as their in-game leader at the end of April, 2016, fans and analysts alike started pointing out that while the team seems better strategically due to his influence, the player himself is mechanically weak, dragging his teammates down and being too heavy to carry.

There’ve been rumors about the possibility that Slemmy was going to be removed from the team’s starting roster if/when C9’s run on ELEAGUE was over. Well, with their 1:2 loss to Natus Vincere last week, now is the time for change.

Granted, Cloud9 put up more of a fight than expected, bringing Natus Vincere to three maps when most people expected the to get beat hard, 0:2. That might even have something to do with Slemmy’s strats, but the fact remains that his individual performance on the server wasn’t good at all. He had a HLTV rating of 0.74 over the three maps, together with -14 Kill/Death differential and a pitiful 53 Average Damage per Round.

While his teammates can probably compensate against weaker teams, like CLG, for example, this American team won’t be able to stand up to the world-class squads with 4.5 players, especially when the rest of the roster aren’t CS:GO gods either.

On the other hand, removing Slemmy also has a downside. He is a big part of C9’s strategic play.  Once he joined, the team noticeably improved in their tactics. If only Slemmy could perform mechanically, C9 would have a decent chance to fight for the name of “Best North American Team”, now belonging to Team Liquid, even without s1mple. Alas, it’s not to be.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel for Slemmy, as there’s a possibility that Slemmy might be asked to stay on the team in a coaching capacity, allowing him to still set the strategic direction of the team, while another, more mechanically skilled, player executes on the server in his stead.

Keeping Slemmy as coach to oversee strategy would also make it easier to actually find a fitting player to complete the roster. Finding a good rifler who can also be a sufficient in-game leader is very hard. Finding a talented rifler who can follow orders and shoot some peeps in the server? Much easier, in my opinion.

By moving Slemmy to a coach position and finding another player to fill the spot would kill two birds with one stone for C9, removing a vulnerability in the server, while keeping the strategic benefits Slemmy provides. We will have to see what happens, however. Remember, this is just a rumor. For all we know, the management of C9 might be entirely happy with things as they are. Why that would be so, I don’t know, however. It doesn’t seem like it’s all fine and dandy, however, keeping in mind the recent announcement that CS:GO Team Manager stunna left the team.