RUMOR: Bunny FuFuu to join Immortals?

July 22, 2016 - News

Michael “Bunny FuFuu” Kurylo had a weird year on Cloud9. In the Spring Split, he started off the season as the starting Support, only to get replaced by C9’s ex-Mid, ex-Jungle Hai “Hai” Du Lam to fix the team’s shotcalling problems. The Summer Split began with Bunny as the starting Support, only to have to share playtime with Andy “Smoothie” Ta, with Bunny seeing a little less play time than his teammate.

Less than a week ago, Bunny FuFuu announced that he’s taking a backseat on the team. Fast forwarding a little bit, Bunny FuFuu was streaming, when he received a private message from the General Manager of Immortals, Jun “Dodo” Kang, asking when he’s moving into the house, according to an article on

The former C9 Support and Immortals GM might just be trolling, in fact, it’s quite likely that they are, however, Bunny FuFuu joining IMT would make a certain amount of sense. The team’s starting Support Adrian “Adrian” Ma is known for playing ranged poke and sustain Supports, like Karma, Soraka, or Nami. Being a professional Support player, Adrian should be able to play the rest of the Support champions decently well if the meta shifts to favor them, however, this is where Bunny FuFuu comes in.

Bunny is most famous for his awe-inspiring Thresh, great Braum and other playmaking Support gameplay. With that in mind, if Immortals signed Bunny intending to use him similarly to how Faker and Easyhoon famously switched when different playstyles were needed, the decision would make sense. One thing is for sure, if the rumor is true, it’s certain that Bunny isn’t REPLACING Adrian, at least not because of any in-game issue. After all, Immortals are the second best team in NA LCS. Trying to fix what’s not broken would be stupid in the extreme.

With that said, if the rumor pans out, Bunny FuFuu seems like one of the rare players who could tolerate a Faker/Easyhoon-like arrangement without too much bitching and moaning, unlike the former G2 Esports top laner Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek (now in Fnatic), who asked for a transfer when it became apparent that he will have to share play time with Dae-Han “Expect” Ki. After all, Bunny should already be used to similar circumstances. This time, it would even make a certain amount of sense because Adrian and Bunny FuFuu play different champions, while Smoothie and Bunny shared 2 out of 3 most played Supports. When the reasoning for something is sound, it’s much easier to live with, even though it might not be preferable.