Riot Games Are Considering Testing the Option to FF@15

January 25, 2017 - News

Everyone who’s ever played League of Legends more than 20 times knows the crushing feeling of facing a team that’s leagues better than your own. When that happens, many people can hardly sit through to the 20 minute mark to call for a surrender vote. Riot Games are considering fixing that by implementing a chance to vote for surrender starting at 15 minutes and seeing how that turns out, at least in one region.

Now, the players themselves might not be that much more skilled, there are a lot of factors that make teams fall behind in the early game. A godly Lee Sin could have methodically destroyed your Amumu’s early game by taking camps and successfully ganking all lanes one after another, their Caitlyn Blitzcrank could have absolutely wrecked your Vayne Sona with undodgeable hooks followed by several traps and a double kill, over and over again. The reasons are aplenty, but the fact of the matter is that there are situations where the game is not really winnable. Waiting for 5 minutes or more until the 20-minute mark comes and you can ff is a drag.

Reportedly, the earlier surrender option was supposed to have been implemented already; however, more important projects like the new client and matchmaking improvements hogged the developer’s attention, leading to a lengthier wait. According to Andre “Meddler” van Roon, the feature is going to be rolled out in a single region first. We would be surprised if it wasn’t North America. Once it’s out, it won’t function like the traditional surrender vote available from the twentieth minute, which passes if four players out of the whole team agree to surrender. Instead, this surrender vote will only pass if it’s unanimous.

This function is sorely needed. The fact of the matter is that League of Legends games usually take around half an hour. They are swingy and snowbally most of the time. Your lanes either lose hard and the game is more or less decided with the total length dependent on the competency of the enemy team, or you win lanes hard and have your opponents at your mercy, playing with them like a cat plays with a mouse. It’s not fun to play League of Legends when you are extremely behind, it’s not useful to play when you’re extremely ahead. The early option to surrender if everyone unanimously agrees is a must-have feature for those games… you know the ones, the games which can tilt you for days.