REUNITED Disbanded. Players Looking For Another Team

January 10, 2017 - News

While the whole Overwatch League is more or less set to be a good thing for the scene, it will screw over some teams. The player-owned org REUNITED is the first to crumble due to the different direction Blizzard Entertainment decided to take the game from what was expected by the founders of the team.

In an interview given out in August, the co-CEO of REUNITED, Frederik “Huggos” Kragh Christensen, said that the team was banking on Overwatch becoming a very big game with a model similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where there are many independent tournaments all over the world and you have to choose which ones to attend. If Overwatch’s pro scene went in that direction, REUNITED might have enjoyed the same success as Astralis does in CS:GO. Unfortunately, Blizzard Entertainment announced the Overwatch League and the uncertainty surrounding the whole thing as well as the fact that the spot in the league will have to be bought made it so that REUNITED didn’t have much chance. After all, competing with non-endemic, even NBA-related people is a very hard thing to do if you are a small player-owned team.

With their venture over, the REUNITED players are looking to stay together. According to the team’s leader, Hendrik-William “vallutaja” Kinks, the roster is going to start and look for other options that would allow them to keep the synergy and teamwork they have already built. More than likely, some eSports organization is going to quickly snap up the successful Overwatch roster. Who knows, there might even be a bidding war in their future. After all, even though the team had a dip in performance in recent months, getting knocked out of Overwatch APEX Season 1 by afreeca Freecs and placing 13-16th in Overwatch Open, they still managed to place second in ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown. It’s likely that the team’s performance dipped due to worries about financial problems. It could be that once they find a secure home, they will start showing good results once again.

Even if the former REUNITED roster somehow doesn’t manage to find a decent org to sign them, the players are almost guaranteed to get drafted by some Overwatch League of other. At this point, they careers will benefit the most from patience and dedicated practice in the game. Even if the search for a new home takes a while for some weird reason, the players have to make sure that their skills are kept up to snuff. They should be ready to play once on a team.