Overwatch Patch On PTR – Roadhog Fixes Not As Easy as It Seems

January 12, 2017 - News
Overwatch Patch On PTR – Roadhog Fixes Not As Easy as It Seems

The current state of the competitive metagame in Overwatch is a bit of a mess. Two Supports, Ana and Lucio, are permanently in vogue. Due to the strength of Ana’s burst healing, tanks are so good that they are taken in favor of DPS. In fact, in most games, there is only one DPS on each team, Soldier: 76. Roadhog is able to land mind-boggling hooks, where he gets you even if you’re hiding behind cover. D.Va has no downside at all as well, while Sombra is a little bit underwhelming or at least not strong enough to replace a tank, Blizzard is making it so that it takes her 0.8 seconds to hack a target instead of 1 second.

First of all, Blizzard is trying to bring D.Va’s strength back in line by nerfing her armor from 400 to 200 and bringing up her health from 200 to 400 to keep her overall effective health the same. Also, her damage is being brought back in line a little bit, by decreasing the damage of each of her bullets from 3 to 2. To compensate a little bit, the number of bullets is getting increased from 8 to 11. Let’s see what this means overall. If the damage stayed the same while the number of bullets got increased, D.Va would have dealt 33 damage to the 24 it used to do. Now, each shot will do 22. That’s a bit of a nerf, however, the wider spread of her bullets should make it easier to do damage with the champion overall.

Next up, Ana. The strength of her Biotic Grenade’s increasing healing from other sources as well as her ability to heal in bursts has been a big problem, responsible for the tank meta emerging. When a healer’s ability to heal is so good that it can overheal tanks which took significant damage, the question arises—why would you NOT play as many tanks as you possibly could? The high elo community obviously came to the conclusion that you wouldn’t. Blizzard finally recognized that this state of the game is not healthy and is trying to fix the problem. To do this, the halved the healing boost provided by Biotic Grenade. It used to be 100%, now it should be 50%.

The final thing to be tweaked is also the most difficult because it is not about tweaking damage, health, or ability property values. No, it requires to change the way the ability itself functions. Roadhog’s Chain Hook is not functioning as it should, sometimes hooking people from out of sight if it’s timed right. Obviously, this doesn’t make any sense at all and doesn’t feel good to play against. To fix it, Blizzard is trying to edit how the skillshot works, adding line-of-sight checks. They made the hook pull targets in front of Roadhog rather than straight to him except for the cases where he rapidly rotates, the targets will now be released if they leave Roadhog’s line-of-sight and the LoS checks (which detect if the target should be hit) will now be done from Roadhog’s position and not the hook’s. There’s been reports that Blizzard actually overdid it, making hiding behind a lamp post enough of a cover to protect yourself. That obviously does not make any sense at all. Blizzard is going to tweak it further.