Overwatch – NRG signs former Luminosity Roster

August 4, 2016 - Esports, News

NRG Esports is mostly known for their mediocre, if not totally bad, League of Legends and CS:GO teams and Shaquille O’Neal’s efforts to grow his investment by promoting the organization as much as possible. With the recent news of the org signing an Overwatch roster, this might change, however.

What could possibly change the direction of the seemingly sinking ship that is NRG eSports? Why, Seagull and the boys, of course. Recently, when the time to extend their contracts came up, Luminosity and its former Overwatch roster of Brandon “Seagull” Larned, Mark “Pookz” Rendon, Carl “Enigma” Yangsheng, Yomar “Milo” Toldeo, Daniel “Gods” Graser, and Tim “Dummy” Olsen parted ways. NRG jumped at the chance to sign the roster which was ranked 8th in the world and dominated Overwatch tournaments for a very long time (at least for a budding eSport like Overwatch), before Team EnVyUs came to compete in NA and took their thunder.

Following the split from its roster, the Luminosity organization signed the former European 2sTroNk roster with the intention to bring the team to a team house in NA. It’s hard to know for sure which side wanted to part ways more, the org or the players, however, after watching the feature about Luminosity players from a recent tournament, in which some players from Luminosity’s golden goose, its Major-winning CS:GO squad (now SK Gaming) had to sleep in the same bed, I suspect that the org needed the players more than the players needed the org in this case. Let’s be honest here, Seagull has a great fan following, at least compared to other Overwatch players. His team will always be able to find another, hopefully richer, organisation to give them a shot. Especially when it’s still ranked in the Top 10.

Whatever the case may be, the fact of the matter is that Seagull, Pookz, Enigma, Milo, Gods, and Dummy will now play for an org which had some investment and personal involvement from a former NBA superstar, worth millions of dollars, despite struggling to get out of the bottom of the standings both in LoL and CS:GO. Now, with the addition of a world class Overwatch roster, NRG’s name might finally be seen  at the top of the standings in at least one game, boosting their merchandise sales and attracting sponsors.

The partnership between Seagull’s team and NRG can only be good for both sides, in my opinion. The players get to play for an org that is probably better off financially than their previous one was and the organisation finally has a roster that isn’t thought of as a joke, helping them to build their brand in the Wild West of eSports, Overwatch.