Olofmeister is back in time for eLeague

June 15, 2016 - Esports, News

Ladies and gentlemen, the man, the legend, the olofmeister is back on Fnatic’s roster, just in time to help his team in eLeague, ECS Finals, and ESL One Cologne 2016. For those who live under a rock and didn’t know that there was something wrong, olofmeister’s problems with his hand became known during MLG Major Championship: Columbus, when the player himself alluded to his problems on twitter after losing a match.

Later, on the 4th of April, Fnatic dropped out of DreamHack Masters Malmö, announcing that Niclas “PlesseN” Plessen will sub in for the Fnatic star player. A little bit more than 20 days later, PlesseN was replaced by John “wenton” Eriksson due to poor performance. Fnatic did a little bit better after that, though the team was a pale shadow of the dominating force of nature that dominated the CS:GO eSports scene in the past.

Let’s allow the past be in the past now, because olofmeister is to make his return. While the news is certainly welcome, I have to wonder how much of his skill the player lost during his break from competitive play. After all, it was decided that Olof should forget about CS:GO while recuperating, to avoid making the injury worse. While it was said that he got the go ahead to start training again a couple of weeks ago, some rustines is to be expected. In his official interview for, the player himself said, “I’m not 100% yet but I’m getting better and better each day. I still lack a little bit of confidence but I’m getting there slowly!”

In my opinion, Fnatic should do very well in this week’s eLeague matches, standing a good chance of winning the whole thing, even with their superstar not at 100%. After all the morale boost of their comrade being back should make the rest of the team perform better than ever to make up for any rustyness from olofmeister.

We will see how the once again complete Fnatic roster does in eLeague, Another matter to consider is their performance in ECS Finals and ESL One Cologne 2016. To have a real chance of winning the whole thing, olofmeister will have to be back to his old form, especially with Luminosity and G2 to contend with. If he manages to play like the olofmeister of old, Fnatic has a good chance of coming out of the group stage in second place, if not first. As for the playoffs, we will just have to wait and see.