Official – IMT WildTurtle No More

December 6, 2016 - News

Following his last Split on Team SoloMid, where he didn’t look like himself, Jason “WildTurtle” Tran joined Immortals, a new team with a very promising roster. While there, he recaptured some of that fire, which led him to dominate the NA Challenger ladder, getting several accounts into the top 10.  In the season of 2016, his smile was almost constant, plays just as crazy as they used to be. Well, no more. WildTurtle has left Immortals following the old roster splitting up to play in teams like Team Liquid, SK Telecom T1 and Phoenix1.

Speaking about the matter, WildTurtle himself said that he enjoyed his year on Immortals massively, feeling as if the guys he played with were not only teammates, but friends as well. With a good atmosphere on the team, the people you play with become just as if not more important than results. With the old Immortals roster scattering to the wind, it is no great surprise that one of the hottest commodities in the NA ADC market chose to leave the team as well. It’s not like he will face problems finding a new team, now that his skill is proven once again after the hard last months on TSM.

Rumors about WildTurtle’s next team have been floating around for awhile now. He’s been spotted with the management of Team Dignitas, he played on TSM at IEM XI Oakland, standing in for his replacement, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng when the player decided to take a break from competitive play to stream and focus on his fanbase during the more or less meaningless 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, intending to come back for Summer. Whatever team WildTurtle chooses, he will most likely be a good addition to that squad, playing well without ruining things.

So far, it seems like Immortals don’t have a roster. The only player whose exit from the team was not explicitly announced is Eugene “Pobelter” Park. In the Yuri “KEITH” Jew leak, Pobelter admitted that he has an offer from Immortals, raising his fans’ hopes of seeing IMT Pobelter in one more LCS Split. These rumors were made even more hotly debated when Immortals posted a video on YouTube, announcing that Pobelter has re-signed with the team, only to delete it minutes later. Of course, the Internet wouldn’t be the Internet if someone didn’t take screenshots. Could it be that Immortals are preparing to announce the Pobelter news, but accidentally published the video as Public? We will just have to wait and see.