Mouse Going Back to China For Family Emergency – EDG Will Use Koro1 in QF

October 13, 2016 - News

If you’ve ever played an MMORPG, went to school, or had a job with a co-worker, who hated his job or just played MMOs, you probably heard this phrase said over and over again, sometimes more than a couple of times by the same person. It goes like this: “I can’t come; my grandma died.” Everyone who has anything to do with the gaming culture immediately assumes it’s bullshit as soon as he hears it, without even considering for a second, that it might be true.

Well, it turns out, that sometimes this phrase or a version of it can be true. Edward Gaming’s Top Laner, Chen “Mouse” Yu-hao is going to travel back to China just before their Quarterfinal match against ROX Tigers because of an unspecified family emergency. According to Riot’s statement on the matter, Mouse “will be returning to China to address the loss of a family member, as confirmed by the team and verified with documentation for League officials, and thus will be unable to participate in the remainder of the 2016 World Championship. Per Worlds rules, Edward Gaming is permitted to replace Mouse with a player from their season-ending active roster, and will have Yang “Koro1” Tong as that replacement.”

While it’s way too late for a top lane sub to be introduced into the team via normal procedures, it’s allowed to get a acceptable substitute in case of emergencies. It’s only required “that the substitute added must not have been on any other professional roster on September 7th [the roster lock deadline] and must have been eligible to be on a professional roster on September 7th.” Koro1 fits those requirements. He also has experience with playing on EDG, having been their starting Top in 2016 LPL Spring Split.

With this news, EDG’s already cloudy prospects against ROX become even more grim. It has to be said, however, that ROX’s Top Laner, Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho, is the best in the world right now. No matter which Top the team used, that lane would have been a weak point either way. The real problem is that it will be much harder for EDG to have the coordination necessary to compete, especially with the tragedy that’s befallen their teammate on their minds. Unless, they don’t really care about their teammate at all. Then, who knows, EDG might actually be able to get Koro1 ready for the Quarterfinals and win.