Maxlore and Phaxi Are Rumored to Have Joined ROCCAT

December 9, 2016 - News

In the Great Roster Shuffle of 2016, one man is working tirelessly to inform us all about the latest developments in the free agent market. That man is ESPN’s Jacob Wolf, who published a report about the possibility of two new players joining ROCCAT in this preseason. According to the reporter’s sources, which have been very accurate so far, Team ROCCAT of the EU LCS has signed players for the Top Lane and Jungle. They are Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian and Ambrož “Phaxi” Hren.

Team ROCCAT didn’t do very well at all in the the EU LCS Spring and Summer Split, getting put up for relegation both times. Fortunately for them, they managed to fight through the Promotion Tournament to keep their LCS spot in tact. If they have the slightest hope of navigating through the 2017 Spring Split, they have to massively improve their roster. There might be circumstances that prevent them from doing so. It might just be that ROCCAT are happy enough with just staying in the LCS, providing the advertising for ROCCAT. It could also be that the company simply doesn’t have or isn’t willing to fork out the money for a roster, which could content for EU LCS Championship, if not Worlds. That is their choice, of course, however, some people might actually shy away from ROCCAT gear because their LCS team sucks.

Let’s look at the first player signed to ROCCAT according to Jacob Wolf’s report – Maxlore. The former GIANTS! Jungler is not that experienced, only having played one Split for his former team, however, as far as options go, it’s not like ROCCAT has that many of them. It’s doubtful that a truly exceptional Jungler would sign with a team of ROCCAT’s caliber. All in all, Maxlore seems to be more or less the best the team could get in the free agent market. It’s not like he’s all that bad, to be honest, having a 55.6% win rate and 3.29 KDA in the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split.

The other rumored signee is a much more mysterious player. Phaxi is a Slovenian Top Laner, who’s set to replace Lee “Parang” Sang-won. The player was a temporary Sub for Dark Passage in the team’s IEM Gyeonggi Qualifiers. Untested, he probably won’t be doing any hard carrying on the team. The best we can hope for is that he won’t be the weak link of the roster, to be honest. Of course, the possibility of him surprising everyone is always there.

Maxlore and Phaxi join the only player to remain on ROCCAT in the offseason, Mid Laner Felix “Betsy” Edling. That means that the team needs to find an AD Carry and a Support soon-ish. It’s unlikely that the player is going to be a high profile star, because it’s doubtful that out of all their options, stars would chose ROCCAT. Not with Phaxi, Maxlore, and Betsy as the nucleus of the team.