m0E and CSGO Diamonds Betting Scandal!

June 21, 2016 - Esports, News

CS:GO skin betting is a very profitable industry, with numerous websites offering a wide variety of different games of chance, played for different currency, gained by depositing CS:GO skins. While that might look innocent enough, you can sell skins for real money and where money is to be made, marketing follows. The best way to market CS:GO betting websites is to have prominent YouTubers and livestreamers gamble on their channel, introducing their viewers to the betting website that’s being advertised.

Now, to rouse excitement for the site, the YouTube personality or Twitch streamer has to play for big sums of game currency, winning great pots that could be shown in highlights. After all, that’s how people catch the betting bug. The idea of winning big just like their favorite streamer did just now takes over their mind. The player goes to the website, deposits some skins and starts playing, losing a little bit more often than not, due to the nature of chance games. After all, the old Las Vegas adage, which says that the house always wins, is true.

With that in mind, how do YouTubers and streamers get the currency to gamble with? After all, if they aren’t likely to win over the long run, why would they use their own skins for it?  The answer is simple. The house (betting website in this case) provides them with a starting amount of currency, available for wagering, topping it up when the player loses everything or not, depending on the agreement. Also, following the policy of different websites, they could get paid a share of the website’s revenue, a set amount of money for each video they make for the website, where they gambled the sum of house money allocated to them by the house, or in some other way.

Usually, the betting websites don’t really stack the odds in the YouTuber’s or Twitch streamer’s favor because they allow them to withdraw any winnings they make. While there probably are rigged CS:GO betting websites, a lot of them are actually fair because they don’t need to cheat. Like at a roulette table, the house has a miniscule advantage in skins betting, allowing it to make profit similarly to casinos.Finally, it’s time to talk about the recent ruckus between popular Twitch streamer m0E_tv and CSGO Diamonds. On the 13th of June, m0E made this twitter post:

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The story gained more traction when CSGONews posted a couple of videos on the subject. 

Finally, m0E went on the Richard Lewis show to put the story to rest with an 84 minute interview.

Following that, Thorin weighed in on the matter in a video. Now, while what Thorin said in the video might look objective, you can never know for sure. You should always practice critical thinking in matters like this because most people have their own motivations. The desire to appear in your best light also has to be taken into account.

While the picture painted by Thorin’s video might look damning, we can never know if it’s totally accurate. From what he said and the proof he provided, however, it sure looks like it is. While I do have my opinion on this matter, I won’t presume to tell you what to think. I suggest you look at every piece of evidence provided and then make up your own mind. Whatever you choose to believe, however, it probably won’t be the whole truth because the only people who know what truly happened are m0E and the CSGO Diamonds staff.