Los Angeles Will Have a Home Town Overwatch Team

May 17, 2017 - News

Speculation about the teams which are to play in the Overwatch League is heating up. It appears that some organizations are embracing the region-based eSports team concept, which was introduced to eSports by Activision Blizzard. The TCL Chinese Theatre and Hammers Esports are setting up a new Overwatch team, which is supposed to be a “home town team” for Los Angeles, California.

Hammers Esports is virtually unknown in the world of bigger eSports. Aside from Overwatch, they have teams in Vain Glory and Clash Royale. The TCL Chinese Theatre is a historic movie theatre, which is building an eSports Center in its premises, owned by TCL, a multi-million dollar corporation. This new result of the partnership between Hammers Esports and the TCL Chinese Theatre is being branded as Hollywood Esports, the Los Angeles Lakers of eSports.

According to King "KIMA" Perez De Tagle, Founder and CEO of Hammers Esports, "The Hammers organization looks to lead the trend of esports teams being more accessible and connected to local fans. Our affiliation with the TCL Chinese Theatre, an incredible Los Angeles landmark, and the creation of Hollywood Esports bridges the gap between our global fans and gamers of all kinds. As the Hollywood Hammers, our teams welcome other competing esports teams to challenge us in our home arena. Concurrently, Hollywood Esports will work closely with the TCL Chinese Theatre to develop multiple esports content strategies with the production of tournaments, game launches and events."

There are two ways this can play out. The first is that Hollywood Esports is really a gimmick aimed to bringing people to watch the team play against some of the best in the world and inevitably lose. The other is that the LA-based identity and the backing of TCL is the beginning of the org’s campaign to ensure they get the extremely lucrative Los Angeles spot in the Overwatch League. While TCL could probably afford to pay for a spot, which could reportedly go for tens of millions of dollars, it’s doubtful whether they are going to try.

We could speculate about this until we’re blue in the face, but the truth of the matter is that it’s best to wait for a while and see how the whole thing develops. No matter which way the Hollywood Esports brand goes, we will inform you about it.