LoL Worlds: Final Sneaky Peaky

October 27, 2016 - News

After several weeks of games, where some teams won even though you would have bet that they were going to have a snowball’s chance in hell of doing it, while others lost despite being heavy favorites, where it seemed that people played the same stuff over and over again for weeks, only to bring out stuff like Ashe and Miss Fortune Support in the Semifinals, it’s all coming to a close now. While nobody is overly surprised that two South Korean teams are the last ones standing, most would have bet on a Final, where SKT, the two-time World Champions with the Demon King in the Mid Lane, faced off against ROX Tigers, the team they left in the dust when going for their second Championship title.

Unfortunately, we won’t get the pleasure of watching such a Final. That match already happened. Many people consider it to be the real World Championship 2016 Final. SK Telecom T1 won, 3-2, moving to the Final, waiting for their next opponent, either H2K from Europe or the South Korean Samsung Galaxy. In a way less dramatic fashion, Samsung swept their opponents in three games and went on to face SKT this weekend.

Let’s talk about the upcoming League of Legends World Championship Final. Coming back to Los Angeles, the Best of 5 series will take place in the Staples Center, on October 29, The event should begin at 4:00 PM Pacific Time.

Let’s dig into the bones of the matchup between SKT and SSG. Normally, SSG should be underdogs due to the fact that they are the lowest seed from the LCK, however, they have been showing some great League of Legends for several weeks. They have great players in all positions. Yes, they don’t really have a Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok or a Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho, but that didn’t stop them from getting out of the Group of Death in first place, coming out vastly ahead of Royal Never Give Up and Team SoloMid. It has to be pointed out that Samsung Galaxy had a very easy time on their way to the Final, smashing Cloud9 and H2K, while SK Telecom T1 actually had to fight, taking down RNG 3-1 and barely defeating ROX Tigers, the number 1 seed from Korea, 3-2, despite being a game behind with 2 more matches left to be played and their backs against the wall.

While Samsung Galaxy will have confidence in their ability to dominate opponents, it’s hard to say how they are going to react when/if SKT doesn’t let themselves get dominated. The reigning World Champions have been tested in the fires of defeat and came out singed, but victorious. They know that they can do anything, even deal with a wild Miss Fortune Support appearing out of the blue. How about Samsung? Hard to say.

All in all, the name recognition factor is much more pronounced in SKT. That team did better in head to head matches against SSG over the last year of LCK games. Stars seem to be aligning in such a way as to make Faker’s third Worlds title an inevitability. Still, if Samsung managed to win the first match of the series and got themselves into the Domination Mode they employed against C9 and H2K, SKT might have a hard time. More than likely, however, SKT should win the series, though Samsung will probably be able to bring at least one game home. Out prediction? SKT wins, 3-1. Of course, none of this really matters, the real Final was played last week, when SKT won against ROX, 3-2. Toodles.