KT Rolster Sign Deft

December 1, 2016 - News

Following the release of four of their main roster members, KT Rolster, the team owned by Korea Telecom, the biggest telephone company in the country, had some rebuilding to do. Fortunately, they still had Go “Score” Dong-bin, one of the greatest Junglers in the world, to anchor the team and act as a lure for other great Korean players who had an ambition of winning the World Championship.

We’ve already reported that KT Rolster signed Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho and Heo “PawN” Won-seok. In the same article, we proposed that the team is looking to assemble one of the best Bottom Lanes in League of Legends history by getting Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu to shoot at people and Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong to Support him. The possibility is definitely exciting. What’s more, it looks to be unfolding in a wave that would actually make it come true, as it was announced today that Deft has signed with KT Rolster.

Deft started his career on MVP Blue in February 2013. The team did well, attracting the attention of Samsung. As part of Samsung Galaxy Blue from September 2013 to October 2014, Deft reached the Semifinals of the 2014 World Championship, where his team lost to their sister team, Samsung Galaxy White. That offseason, several big name Korean pros were enamoured with Chinese money, joining various top teams in the region with the hope of winning a World Championship.

Deft, as well as Mata, among others, was one of those who actually moved to China. The AD Carry joined EDward Gaming, while the Support went to Vici Gaming and Royal Never Give Up. Both players had chances to achieve their Worlds title dream while playing for Chinese teams, however, the reality fell short of expectations with the Korean SK Telecom T1 taking the title two years in a row.

Deft expressed his desire to win the World Championship this year. If Mata joins KT, his dream will be much easier to achieve. With Smeb, Score, PawN, Deft and Mata, KT Rolster would have one of the most stacked roster in League of Legends history. Of course, just like Real Madrid doesn’t win stuff that often despite paying their players millions upon millions of euros, the strength of the roster on paper doesn’t guarantee that KT Rolster will actually be able to achieve their goal. With so many superstars on one team, ego is bound to rear its ugly head. Hopefully, coaches can curtail it before it becomes a real problem. Make no mistake, people. KT Rolster is out to win Worlds 2017. Anything less that complete victory would be a disappointment. If they do manage to do it, however, we will probably have the honor of watching something special, something that promises to be the best League of Legends we’ve seen in the game’s history.