Freeze Hatrixx Signed to Tempo Storm, to play in NACS

December 9, 2016 - News

The Roster Shuffle continues with one more announcement about players joining a team. Different from many other articles about the subject, it’s the interest in the player which is bigger than the interest in the team. To be honest, unless you follow Heroes of the Storm or some other game where Tempo Storm has a team, you probably don’t even know who the hell they are. The last time we heard of them, they had a CS:GO team, which was sold to Immortals, making up the current Immortals lineup. Whatever the case may be, Tempo Storm bought a slot in the Challenger Series and signed two players, Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek and Jørgen “Hatrixx” Elgåen.

To be honest with you, Freeze is the only reason why we felt that it’s needed to inform you about this matter. Before he was sidelined by wrist problems, like many eSports athletes before him, Freeze was thought to be one of the best AD Carries playing in Europe. Due to the severity of his problems, or so the story goes, he had to sit out not only most of the 2016 LCS Summer Split, but the World Championship as well. Now, he joined a Challenger Series team. In his own words from the official statement on, “I have never really won anything big before, but I know that I can change that with Tempo Storm. I love playing aggressively and outplaying my opponents, and I'm looking to use that style to win NACS and promote into LCS.” NACS is a big step-down for a player of Freeze’s caliber. We wish him the best of luck.

Where Freeze is a veteran, Hatrixx is a rookie. The Norwegian player had some experience, playing for HWA Gaming and KIYF Logitech, however, that is not what you would call a great calling card for a pro. With that said, he’s not jumping into the thick of the LCS. Only competing in the Challenger Series should give him enough time to acclimate himself to professional play. Who knows, he might actually reach LCS level before the Summer Split begins.

If Tempo Storm was an LCS team, these two acquisitions would be mind-boggling. Yet, they will only play in Challenger Series, so signing Freeze, an experienced veteran, to carry a team of no name rookies with potential, like Hatrixx could be a very good idea. If Tempo Storm manages to get at least one more LCS-level player, they should be able to actually qualify for LCS and invest more to get the team ready to stay there once they do.