Fnatic and FaZe earn spots in ELEAGUE Group D Finals

June 20, 2016 - Esports, News

The round robin phase of ELEAGUE Group D is over. Both Fnatic and FaZe have an identical match record, however, Fnatic placed higher because they managed to win more rounds than their opponents. Personally, I’m happy to see Fnatic going strong with their star, Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer back from a hiatus due to injury, though I have to admit, competition wasn’t strongest in this group, so it remains to be seen how the team will do in ECS Finals and ESL One Cologne. Of course, olofmeister will have had some more time to train and get even closer to his peak performance by the time the big events start.

The fact that FaZe managed to clinch the second spot in a close contest isn’t that surprising either, with games going as they should have, except for the small upset they delivered to Fnatic in game 2 of their match. Except for the Swedish superstars, FaZe was obviously the strongest team in the group, the results are as they should have been.

In third place, we find Team Dignitas, who won their only games vs. the obvious underdogs – TSM. Even then, Dignitas had a fight on their hands, with TSM managing to take 12 rounds on Mirage in game 1 and 11 on Dust 2 on game 2.

TSM, unfortunately, lost all of their games, finishing in last place and facing Fnatic in the playoffs. Their saving grace was that they actually put up a fight in their losses for all games except for game 2 against Fnatic on Mirage, when they lost 3 to 16.

With the standings being as they were, Fnatic faced TSM and FaZe contented vs. Dignitas in the playoffs. While TSM were obviously NOT favored to win, with most people predicting a clean sweep, they continued to bring the fight to the Swedish superstars, winning 12 rounds in the first match and actually managing to win the second one on Mirage, 16-11. Unfortunately for them, Fnatic didn’t take it lying down, blowing TSM out with a score of 16 to 6 on Cobblestone.

Watching the second playoff match, nobody was too surprised when FaZe won the first match on Cache 16-10, Dignitas tried to comeback in the second round on Overpass, winning the match in 30 rounds, 16-14. The deciding map was a close contest with the final score of 16-14 in FaZe Clan’s favor, earning the chance to face Fnatic once again.

While FaZe showed that they can beat the legendary CS:GO team, they also had to bite down and take it when Fnatic delivered a devastating clean sweep on them. The promising thing was that they didn’t fall apart at the seams, taking revenge in the next game, upsetting their opponents. While not as exciting as it would be if Fnatic had to play Luminosity, for example, the Group D Final should be an interesting set of games nevertheless.