fer is Back on SK Gaming

September 21, 2016 - News

In August, following SK Gaming’s win at ESL One Cologne 2016, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga announced his intention to take the relative lull in competition as an opportunity to fix a health problem, which has been plaguing him for a while.

Now, having read that, one might be justified in assuming that fer has been sidelined because of his hands, just like countless eSports athletes over the past months and years, born from long practice sessions, using their wrists to complete repetitive motions again and again. No, I’m not talking about THAT, you dirty bastards.

In fact, fer had an original problem for once. He had problems hearing properly. For a long time, he played despite that, on the best team in the world, in a game, where auditory cues can give away opponents’ approach or positioning just as much as visual information. While that is an achievement on its own, fer took the step to fix the problem once and for all, leading his team, SK, to use a standin in the meanwhile.

While Gustavo “SHOOWTiME” Goncalves did everything in his power to make up for the loss of fer, the team chose to stand by their teammate, not participating in any LAN tournaments. Online, the two-time Major Champions with a replacement rifler struggled to win, losing to Renegades at ESL Pro League. Pro players are a competitive bunch, so there’s no wonder that emotions ran high and most of the blame fell on SHOOWTiME.

Well, fer is fully recovered after ear surgery. Because it has nothing to do with the player’s hands, he should get back to form quickly, assuming that he didn’t play at all. It has to be pointed out that if it’s your ear that was injured, you can still practice accuracy and similar things by playing without sound. Can we expect fer to be better than ever after his break? We will see.

Finally, some people say that fer or fnx aren’t very good CS:GO players, only playing on SK because of their relationships to management or similar bull. This experience should show everyone that fer plays an essential role in SK Gaming’s success. If he wasn’t the best player for what the team needs from him, SK wouldn’t have crumbled against Renegades. I will repeat, RENEGADES. He might not be Marcelo “coldzera” David in term of skill, but he doesn’t have to be, SK needs two coldzeras just as much as LA Lakers needed 2 Kobe Bryants. As long as fer does his job on the team, he will be essential to its success. Any coach eSports experts, be silent, you. With that said, I will go shut up for a while.