ECS Season 2 To Start in October

July 14, 2016 - Esports, News

With Esports Championship Series Season 1 done and G2 Esports emerging as the champions after they 2:0’ed Luminosity Gaming (now SK), the league was a huge success. Naturally, FACEIT is looking to build on their success, with the Series starting sometime in October.

Before that, however, Qualifiers must be carried out to try and give a chance for new teams to earn a spot in the event. Signups for the Open Qualifiers for NA and EU are already up, with the events themselves scheduled to take place starting from August 5 and concluding on August 27, on They will consist of four rounds, with the winners moving on to face four additional teams from the region’s ECS developmental league. The top two teams from that event will then battle the worst two teams from ECS Season 1 to earn a spot in the league.

All in all, there will be four open qualifiers each for NA and EU, taking place on August 6-7, August 13-14, August 20-21, and August 27-28. The Development league matches will be played on September 9-11 for Round 1, September 13-15 for Round 2, September 16-18 for Round 3, September 20-22 for Round 4, and September 23-25 for Round 5, with Playoffs on September 26-27. The first round of the Regular ECS Season 2 will start on October 7, finishing on the 9th, with the Finals scheduled for December 8-11.

As was the case in the previous season, the teams participating in ECS Season 2 will earn coownership in the league, as well as the opportunity to take part in the league’s governing committee. Also, Season 2 will have a budget of $1.75M to go towards the prize pool and supportive funds, set up to help the teams pay better salaries to their players and improve facilities, as well as equipment. ECS aims to be the eSports’ answer to mainstream sports leagues. So far, it looks as if FACEIT, the man behind the ECS, is doing a good job of achieving their goal.