Echo Fox Forfeit EPL Season 5, Received Investment From Former San Jose Sharks Co-Owner

February 3, 2017 - News

Rick Fox investing in eSports and establishing his own team, Echo Fox, has probably done a lot of good for the scene, attracting attention and giving it legitimacy in the eyes of sports team heads and other non-endemic entities. Despite that, the former NBA player is having a rough time actually achieving anything noteworthy, despite, from what it looks like, putting a lot of thought and resources into making sure that his players have the best conditions possible to do their best in tournaments and bring glory to the Echo Fox brand.

Just days ago, it’s been confirmed that the League of Legends Echo Fox roster is being denied scrimmages against the rest of the NA LCS teams. Now, it’s been reported that Echo Fox CS:GO roster has dropped out from ESL Pro League Season 5 due to not being able to field a full roster. The only bright side in the horizon is a rumor about Echo Fox possibly getting invested in by the former co-owner of San Jose Sharks, Stratton Sclavos.

The Echo Fox CS:GO team has been more or less a joke in the scene since its inception, hardly winning anything noteworthy, getting written off as being quite bad. In the face of, frankly, shitty performances, the Echo Fox roster of Daniel “roca” Gustaferri, Ryan “fREAKAZOiD” Abadir, Sean “sgares” Gares, Shazeb “ShahZaM” Khan and Ronnie “ryx” Bylicki were given the permission to seek other employment opportunities outside of the Echo Fox brand. Three of the players, sgares, ShahZaM, and ryx have taken the lifeline. ShahZaM and sgares joined TSM, while ryx signed on to play for Splyce. Since then, both of the TSM players left their newly found team in a huge shitstorm involving the whole PEA clusterfuck.

With two players left on the team, Echo Fox needed to do something quickly to field a roster for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 5, which is set to start on June 3rd. With four months left, Echo Fox could have probably scrounged some kind of roster to at least appear at the event, however, it is possible that they don’t have many attractive options in terms of players to choose from. Another possibility is that Echo Fox are choosing to write off CS:GO as a failed experiment, choosing to focus on other games instead.

On the (somewhat) bright side of things, the investment by Statton Sclavos and his other rich friends happened something like four or five months ago, according to ESPN’s Jacob Wolf. While that is a bright spot in the otherwise bleak future, it does nothing to stem the tide that is threatening to wash away the Echo Fox organization now, being a bit of an old news thing. Still, assuming that the money from the investment hasn’t run out yet, it should still provide Echo Fox with a nice safety cushion, while they work to start winning things and start making money.