Dardoch to Start as Team Liquid’s Jungler for the Rest of the LCS Season

June 8, 2016 - Esports, News

Yesterday, a notice blew up on Reddit. League of Legends fans noticed that xPeke was noted to be starting in the next week of LCS. Most people assumed that the owner isn’t happy with his mid laner’s performance and decided to step in. As it turns out, this couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

The reality is that the Origen’s veteran ADC, FORG1VEN, decided to step down due to lack of motivation. In his Facebook post on the matter, FORG1VEN says, “I went to origen with the mindset to try to qualify for worlds instead of taking the easy way out and skipping entire summer split (which ultimately happened but it was worth trying). However we lost about 90% of scrims in last 2 weeks and especially after i saw the Hjarnan news (not playing due to motivation issues) i came into realization that i couldn't keep up with competitive league of legends at least at this point including the previously depressing playoff defeats from 2016 spring playoff run.”

The player talked with his teammates and decided that it’s probably better to take a break now and screw with the team’s short-term success than trying and failing to trudge on playing in the Summer Split, while actually playing more Overwatch than League of Legends. Burn out and bitter defeats are a hard pill to swallow for a pro player. While you can and should be able to deal with difficulties, every player has his breaking point. FORG1VEN has just reached his.

Keeping that in mind, it’s a very good thing that he stepped down now. While xPeke will have to play AD Carry for the next week, looking for a replacement at the same time, which is like having a Point Guard try to play Center in basketball, it’s still the best option available to the team. While definitely not as good as a motivated FORG1VEN, xPeke should be able to do better than what most Diamond AD Carries could deliver. Especially keeping in mind the invasion of Corki, Varus, and Ezreal into the Mid Lane. xPeke has good mechanics, he should be able to adapt.

I just hope that FORG1VEN will figure out what he wants to do, while Origen find their perfect Marksman soon and start playing like the Origen we know and love. Peace.