Copenhagen Wolves Organisation to Stop Operations

June 9, 2016 - News

On June 6th, some sad news hit the Internet, when the founder of Copenhagen Wolves, Jakob Lund Kristensen, announced that the Copenhagen Wolves organisation is shutting down.

Best known for its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends teams, the Copenhagen Wolves organisation certainly made its mark on the eSports scene, bringing attention to such League superstars as Bjergsen  (TSM mid laner for several splits now), FORG1VEN (one of the mechanically best AD Carries in Europe, now playing for Origen), and Svenskeren (starting Jungler in the super-team lineup of TSM). Most recently, the Copenhagen Wolves League of Legends squad was trying to make it into the LCS once again, albeit unsuccessfully, only losing to Giants Gaming in the Summer Promotion Tournament.


The CS:GO team had the roster of gla1ve, smF, Snappi, valde, and glace. With the announcement, it seems that these players will have to find a new organization to play on, which is definitely not ideal. Hopefully, they manage to do it soon.

In his announcement, Jakob Lund Kristensen says that, “With both owners of the company fully engaged in other projects, Diglife with Ninjas in Pyjamas and me personally with Astralis, this decision seems to be the only one that really makes sense. We would have loved to keep this great brand alive but with ownership so far removed from the daily grind we would never be able to provide our players, partners and fans the dedication they deserve.”

The owner then goes to note that anyone willing to take over the organization and do it justice should definitely contact him, as he still believes in the brand and the story of Copenhagen Wolves.

Speaking of history, this team was created in a Copenhagen Internet cafe in 2009, at a time where only a select number of people could make a living from eSports. Not everything went well for the organization, it was met with its fair share of scandal, mistakes, and misfortune. Despite that, however, its story was a good one. We’re sad to see this org go.