Cloud9 CS:GO Team Manager Leaves

July 28, 2016 - Esports, News

Following Cloud9’s expected lossto Natus Vincere in ELEAGUE Quarter-finals, even though C9 gave Na’Vi a muchharder fight than expected, bringing the match to three games, Cloud9’s CS:GOmanager, Tres “stunna” Saranthus left the organization to continue his eSportscareer elsewhere. Of course, him leaving now might have nothing to do with C9’sloss to Na’Vi, however, personally and subjectively, this looks too convenient.

Speaking about his leaving of the org, Tres had this to say in theofficial press release on “My time with Cloud9 has come to an end.During my tenure as a manager, I have worked with some of the brightest mindsin the industry. I took an evolving role within a growing industry and I hopeI’ve helped pave the way for others interested in team management. There aremany stories over the course of my travels that will be forever memorable. Iwish the players and staff of Cloud9, both past and present, the most good luckand fortune that I can send their ways. I look forward to working with themagain in different projects and ventures. GL HF!”

Tres “stunna” Saranthus joined the team in August 2014, togetherwith the first generation of the team’s CS:GO roster, signed after striking adeal with compLexity for their North American roster of Spencer “Hiko” Martin,Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, Kory “Semphis” Friesen, Sean “sgares” Gares, and Mike“shroud” Grzesiek. Over the coming years, the lineup had many changes. Hikogave up his Captain position to sgares before being replaced by Shahzeb“ShahZaM” Khan in December of 2014. In April of 2015, both ShahZaM and Semphiswere released. Their spots were taken by Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham and Ryan“fREAKAZOiD” Abadir soon after. Several months later, in November, sgares leftthe team as well, with Jake “Stewie2K” Yip joining the team in January, 2016.Then, fREAKAZOiD decided to cease starting for the team, to be replace by Eric“adreN” Hoag, on loan from Team Liquid. Soon after, Alec “Slemmy” White tookover from adreN, becoming the newest member of the C9 roster and their in-gameleader.

As you can see, Tres “stunna” Saranthus stayed through many rosterchanges. I have to wonder, after persevering for so long, why now? Is Cloud9planning a big overhaul of their staff? Is stunna not satisfied with hisworking conditions? Perhaps he doesn’t like that the team he manages can’treally get much success, when the guy who joined it together with him, Hiko,recently played in a Grand Final of a Major? The teams will hide under a…shroud… of secrecy, so we will never know, and yet, it’s VERY interesting.