allu joins FaZe Clan

August 18, 2016 - News

With the FaZe Clan’s performance over the last month or so being somewhat disappointing, the team needed to make some changes in order to rise higher in the ranks. After careful consideration, FaZe moved to acquire one of the best Finnish CS:GO players in the world, Aleksi “allu” Jalli.

Allu was playing for the best CS:GO team in Finland, ENCE eSports at the time, however. Apparently showing great understanding and concern for their players future, ENCE eSports management agreed to transfer their Captain, allu to another organization, which will probably make them take a big hit in power, compared to how strong they used to be, which is… not very much. From what I could gather, being the strongest CS:GO team in Finland was mostly all ENCE could be proud of. Understanding what a great career move the transfer to FaZe, one of the top 20 teams in the world, could be, they let their leader go.

Playing at a high level will not be a new experienced for the ex-ENCE player, as he competed in the Top 8 of ESL One Cologne and Dreamhack Open Cluj-Napoca, as part of the roster of Ninjas in Pyjamas.

In FaZe Clan, allu should play as the designated AWPer, trying to shore up the team’s weaknesses in that area. In their official statement on Facebook, FaZe Clan said that “He will be replacing Ricardo “fox” Pacheco – who in the immediate will be removed from the active roster as we discuss his future prospects – to take the primary AWP role on our team.”

Further down in the FaZe’s statement, it’s said that allu “is ready to return to CS at the highest level, and this slots straight in with our motivation behind the move, which is made with nothing but podium hopes in mind. We hope those watching are just as excited as we are see how this change can be another step towards helping us achieve these aspirations.”

Well, I am excited, though it’s tempered by a certain amount of skepticism, due to the fact that the player hasn’t played pro Counter-Strike at the highest level for a while. I’m a little bit worried that his skills will have declined since then. I’m only reassured by the apparent trust and support FaZe Clan is showing the player. Whatever the reality may be, I just hope that this proves to be a successful leg of allu’s career.