A New Fun Game Mode is Coming to League of Legends

January 26, 2017 - News

The more casual League of Legends players who don’t care at all about their rank, only playing League of Legends to have fun really love the various game modes Riot Games occasionally introduce. A new game mode, called Hunt of the Blood Moon, is coming.

The new game mode will be played on a changed Summoner’s Rift. Teams of five players controlling assassin champions will face each other to secure the favor of the Blood Moon, briefly gaining the power of a demon, and win the game. To do that (win, that is) you will have to obtain 300 points, which are earned in 3 ways. You can sacrifice enemy champions, enemy spirits, or demon heralds.

You sacrifice enemy champions by doing what assassin’s are meant to do—killing them. Each kill will net your team 5 points. Next, you can hunt down the Spirits of the Blood Moon which filter into the jungle on both teams. If you take care of the enemy spirits, you will gain 3 points for each one. The best and, obviously, most difficult way to get points is to kill demon heralds, which will spawn in the Baron Nashor and Dragon pits. Killing each Herald will get your team 30 points.

We said that you will be able to briefly turn into a demon. It turns out that this is done by killing three enemies without basing or dying. After that, you will turn invisible and gain a lot of movement speed. This state will last for 45 seconds or until you deal damage. If you do break it by dealing damage, it will do 20% of the first target’s maximum health in true damage, helping you burst someone out of nowhere. A question remains, will this occur every time you kill someone after the third kill if you haven’t based or died, or will you have to kill three in a row to get the buff again? We will just have to see.

With the gameplay differences, Riot Games obviously had to modify how the Summoner’s Rift operates. On the minimap, you will see how many spirits are in each half of the jungle. There will be 8 of them maximum. Gold and XP will be flatlined, respawn timers will be shortened too, to encourage the fun bloodbath Riot Games seem to be trying to create. There won’t be any farming of minions, as they will be disabled, you won’t be killing any turrets either, because those will be made invulnerable. To provide us with a bigger playing field, the outer turrets will be removed at the start of the game, while the inner towers will be removed six minutes in. Also, a lot of items will be unavailable, taking away the mostly defensive items to make sure that players build to kill the other guy and not to not die themselves.

In this game mode, you will have access to 20 champions, classified as assassins and aggressive divers. They are Ahri, Akali, Camille, Diana, Ekko, Elise, Evelynn, Fizz, Kassadin, Katarina, Kennen, Kha’Zix, Leblanc, Lee Sin, Pantheon, Rengar, Shaco, Talon, Yasuo, and Zed.