WoW Gold Is Now Relevant In Overwatch

February 7, 2017 - Guides
WoW Gold Is Now Relevant In Overwatch

The gold-seller problem has been a big thorn in the health of World of Warcraft as a game for years, before Blizzard Entertainment finally introduced WoW Tokens as a legit way to buy and sell gold. In the Auction House, you can buy a WoW Token for World of Warcraft gold. Once Used, it gives you 30 days of  game time. You can also buy a WoW Token for real money and sell it on the Auction House for a varying amount of gold, dictated by the laws of supply and demand.  That was the WoW Tokens’ only functionality for a long time, but Blizzard changed it. Now, you can convert WoW Tokens into Blizzard credit and use it to pay for services and other things in Blizzard’s Store.

Why is this relevant to Overwatch? You can use Blizzard credit you got from buying WoW Tokens and converting them into credit to buy Loot crates in Overwatch and other things. As it stands now, a single WoW Token should net you $15 USD in Balance, the amount varies by the dominant currency in your region, of course.

Blizzard Entertainment is one of the select few game developers, which built enough good faith to have millions of fans who will buy any game released by them just because it was made by Blizzard. This new system actively encourages you to play World of Warcraft at least a little bit to support your play in your main Blizzard game, whether it’s Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm or something else. While cutting into pure profits coming from micro-transactions used in Overwatch to get you skins and stuff unless you want to farm it out the hard way, it also makes you play World of Warcraft at least several hours a week if you want to take advantage of the feature. If you want to actually pay for your WoW game time with gold as well… You will have to farm gold a lot, unless you’re already very very good at it or have an old character with A LOT of gold.

While this won’t really change anything in Blizzard’s games, it will provide options for those who like to play whatever the hell they feel like playing at the time, be it Overwatch, WoW, or something else. The thing gamers like the most is probably having options, just next to getting dank loot. In Overwatch, this gives you both. As a result, we count it as a great initiative.