Winston Guide – Overwatch

June 8, 2016 - Guides

Tanks are essential to winning in Overwatch, however, there are people who don’t like playing them. At all. Usually, it is because people are under the mistaken impression that tanks don’t really do much. If you ever played a squishy like Widowmaker and had a Winston jump on you and died in seconds, you know that it’s just not true.

While flanking snipers isn’t really Winston’s main purpose, he do it nevertheless. The hero is really made to disrupt the enemies to allow damage dealers to pick them off and taking objectives, as well as sitting on the package in delivery maps.

To help you with this, Winston wields a Tesla Cannon, which is a short-ranged weapon that keeps firing as long as you hold down the trigger. This weapon doesn’t require precision. At all. That makes Winston a great choice for anyone who doesn’t have good aim as it can be effective while aiming in the general direction of the enemy.  It’s interesting that one of the most precise heroes in the game gets rekt by a hero with the precision of an… overgrown gorilla.

While playing Winston, your “Left Shift” ability will be Jump Pack. Once you press it, Winston will launch himself towards the crosshairs, dealing good damage and staggering enemies when he lands. With some skill, you will be able to reach some far off places. If you reach your target with Winston, he’s most likely dead, unless it’s another tank or a good McRee.

Winston’s “E” ability is called Barrier Projector. Once you activate it, you will drop down a blue shield around you, that will absorb damage until it gets destroyed. While inside, allies will be able to shoot at enemies through it. If an enemy passes through the barrier and comes inside, he will be able to damage you. One trick to remember – if you activate the shield while standing on a payload, the shield will move with it.

Winston’s Ultimate ability, activated by pressing “Q”, is called Primal Rage. Once up, Winston goes nuts, turning into a red rage monster, jumping around like a… gorilla, forgoing his Tesla Cannon in favor of his fists, and gaining 500 extra HP. Your Jump Pack’s cooldown will be 2 seconds while in Primal Rage. Basically, Winston becomes one pissed off monkey with the ult active. I had him jump on me more than once, believe me when I tell you, it’s very very scary.

As Winston, you should take care not to jump into fights mindlessly because you don’t have a self heal and the shield doesn’t work if enemies can get past it. You can actually be quite squishy when alone vs. several enemies. With that in mind, you should jump in after coordinating your team to take advantage of the chaos to kill the enemy team. Also, go take care of squishies who try to flank, unless you’re actually needed to move the payload or do something to get objectives. Remember, Overwatch is not a mindless shooter, strategy and teamwork are required to win.