Tracer Guide

June 20, 2016 - Guides
Tracer Guide

When people think of Overwatch, probably the first Hero they think of is Tracer. The hip British youngster is the face of the game, after all. Despite her well-known profile, she is NOT an easy Hero to play well. Hopefully, you will have some ideas on how to do it better after reading this guide.

The first thing you should know is that while Tracer is an offensive hero, it’s more similar to Reaper than Soldier: 76 or Pharah. The worst thing you could do while on Tracer is joining the frontal assault on a point. This Brit has 150 health and extremely short effective range. That, coupled with awesome mobility, makes her a very good flanker. Just remember that you should always stay on the move while playing Tracer, because if you make it easy for an opponent to aim at you, you will die very quickly. Fortunately, Tracer has a couple of abilities that allow her to go in and out of fights with ease.

Tracer’s Pulse Pistols are dual guns with 40 ammo, shooting off 40 rounds per second with a cooldown of 1 second, dealing 1,5 – 6 damage depending on how far your opponent is, with closer being better, obviously. Also, Pulse Pistols have a large cone of fire, which means that they are ineffective for precise aiming while being actually easier to use in short range due to larger enemy hitbox.

Tracer’s most effective ability is Blink, which can be activated by pressing Left Shift or Right Mouse Button. Blink can hold the maximum of three charges, getting a new one every three seconds. The ability works by teleported Tracer a short distance in the direction she’s moving. I repeat, in the direction she’s moving, NOT in the direction she’s looking. This makes it possible to dart around in circles around enemies, shooting them almost the whole time with good aim, making yourself practically impossible to hit. With Blink and her Recall ability, Tracer’s outplay potential is simply awesome. While it’s not readily apparent when the player controlling Soldier: 76 is a god, Tracer gods will kill you and make your feel stupid, not knowing what happened. You should use Blink to cover distances when on the way to your chosen spot behind enemy lines, to confuse your opponents and make yourself harder to hit and to enable some great combos coupled with Recall.

Recall is Tracer’s E. This ability is just as important as Blink is. Once you activate it, Tracer will “come 3 seconds back in time” where her position and health are concerned, while also reloading her Pulse Pistols and removing all debuffs.. It works similar to Ekko’s ult in League of Legends for those who know it, just without damage. While in the Recall animation, you’re invulnerable and invisible to enemies too. You can use Recall on a 12 second cooldown. The playmaking potential of this ability coupled with Blink is awe-inspiring when played by a Tracer god. The most common use for this ability is to restore health, however that’s only the beginning. You could Blink off of a ledge, wait for an opponent to follow you, then Recall back and blast him in the back. You could act as if you’re trying to run away, only to Recall behind him and start blasting him in the back. You can use it to avoid ults.The options are truly too many to count.

Tracer’s Ultimate is Pulse Bomb. When you activate it, Tracer with throw a bomb that sticks to any surface or opponent. After a delay, it explodes for the maximum of 400 AoE damage in a 3 meter radius. Players are tempted to hold their ults in case they find an opportunity to use it for Play of the Game. You shouldn’t. Use it whenever you think it might be worth it. Tracer should always be active against the enemy backline, meaning that you will be constantly shooting people, which in turn charge your Ult. If you don’t hold it too much, you might actually have it up again before an opportunity for a Play of the Game play comes up. If you insist on getting the highlight, be especially mindful of Zarya’s ult if she’s on your team. If she manages to suck in several people and you drop your ult, they will most likely die in short order.

While Tracer is an offensive hero, you can use it on defense to disrupt enemies and take their attention away from actually defending against your team’s advance. If you’re annoying enough on enemy backlines, more than one person will come to kill you. Try to fight as long as possible, because if they’re fighting you, it means that they’re not defending the point. It doesn’t matter if you kill them or not, as long as the team gets an objective.

To be effective as Tracer, you will need to know the maps very well, having instinctual grasp of where you can dash to and, most importantly, where the Health Packs are. Being the face of the franchise, this Hero attracts a lot of new players, however, you actually need to be good at the game to play it up to its greatest potential. It is not easy to git gud at Tracer, you will need to practice a lot. However, if you do, you won’t be disappointed because she can do some frankly ridiculous stuff.