Torbjörn Guide

June 23, 2016 - Guides
Torbjörn Guide

Torbjörn is a Defense hero who is actually very close to actually being totally useless on offense. This is not always the case, with Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Junkrat classified as Defense despite being fairly good when aggressive. Torbjörn isn’t. Reading this guide, you will see why.

Torbjörn’s Passive is called Scrap Collector. It’s quite simple in its function. Once a unit dies, it drops scrap on the ground. If Torbjörn collects it, he gains resources, which can then be used to make and use Armor Packs. More about that later.

Like always, let’s talk about Torbjörn’s weapon, Rivet Gun, first. It has 18 ammo and two modes of fire. The primary mode releases rivets in an arc, similar to Hanzo’s arrows. Each one deals 70 damage with the rate of fire of 2 rounds per second. The rivet can headshot for double damage. Torbjörn Primary Attack damage doesn’t fall off with range, however, it IS harder to hit enemies at long range because you have to compensate for gravity.

Rivet Gun’s Secondary Fire is a shotgun that works best in close range combat. If the enemy is 20 meters away, it deals 7 damage per pellet, shooting 10 pellets, while dealing 15 damage per pellet if the enemy is 7 meters away. Each shot uses 3 ammo and you can get off 1.33 rounds per second. The shotgun can also headshot.

Torbjörn also has a secondary weapon, called Forge Hammer. Using it, he can build, upgrade, and repair his turret, as well as meleeing opponents if really needed, doing 75 damage each second without the possibility to headshot.

The most recognizable thing about Torbjörn is his Left Shift ability, Build Turret. Once you use it, Torbjörn will… build a turret that autotracks enemies and does decent damage. It can be improved by hitting it with the Forge Hammer to increase its health and rate of fire. Once the turret detects an enemy, it will automatically shoot him, dealing 14 damage, with the rate of fire of 2 for Level 1, 4 for Level 2, and 5 for Level 3. Note that you will have to use your Ultimate to get the turret to Level 3.

Torbjörn’s E is called Armor Pack. When you use it, Torbjörn drops an armor pack in front of him. Once someone from your team picks it up, it gives 75 armor. One armor packs costs 50 scrap to use, with the maximum of 200 to be carried at one time. You should make packs as soon as you have enough resources for them because they can be very useful to mitigate enemy damage.

Torbjörn’s Ultimate is called Molten Core. Once you activate it, Torbjörn gains additional 300 armor and max health, with his rate of fire increasing by 50%. If your turret is Level 2, it will also be upgraded to Level 3, which will more than double its health (800 instead of 300), add increase its rate of fire by 1 round per second, and allow it to shoot 4 rockets per second, which will deal 14 damage.

To play Torbjörn well, you need to know the mp in order to find a good spot for your turret, where it can DPS the enemies while also staying safe behind the rest of the team, so that it doesn’t get destroyed too fast. Try to find a spot where it can’t be attacked from all sides and can’t be reached easily from the direction of your enemies’ advancing forces. Finding a spot that combines safety with the ability to shoot effectively requires some skill and knowledge. If you master this skill, however, you will be able to effectively defend chokepoints, stalling your enemies for a long time. Just be careful if the enemies have Widowmaker, Reinhardt, McCree, Mei, Junkrat, or Pharah because they have ways to kill or stop it without too much trouble.